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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dragon Rider Host V 2.0

Hey guys it's been a while since I updated here mainly due to my last period at university and the first week of my vacation (which means working at my dad's road construction company). But now I'm back and I've had a number of games under my belt with the list and I'm looking forward to getting ready for the next tournament which is september 12th.

But in the games I played I found I really needed to get some more AT in my list that would really do the job. now as you know I'm follow the way of Saim Hann since before I started my own army. Fritz has been going down the Singing spear route with his council and getting in some banshees for CC support. I've chosen to go the other way and I'm going to be using my council mainly as a hand to hand element multe charging multiple support units and just keepng them from doing their job. in order to fill the AT gap i've chosen to ditch one of my fire prisms for the fire dragons in a serpent option. this and some other changes have let to the following list:

HQ: 455pts

Farseer: 175

With doom, Fortune, Spirit stones, Runes of warding, Jetbike

5 warlocks: 280

With 4 x Doom, 1 x Enhance, Jetbikes

ELITE: 283pts

6 Fire Dragons: 128

With Exarch,tankhunter,crackshot

Wave Serpent: 155

With twinlinked scatterlaser,Vectored Engines,Spiritstones,pintle mounted shurican cannon.

TROOPS: 621pts

6 Guardian Jetbikes: 152

With 2 shurican cannons

6 Guardian Jetbikes: 152

With 2 shurican cannons

10 Dire Avengers: 152

With Exarch,Bladestorm,Dual catapults

Waveserpent: 165

With twinlinked Brightlance, Vectored Engines, spirit stones


1 Vypers: 60

With Scatterlaser

1 Vypers: 60

With Scatterlaser

1 Vypers: 60

With Scatterlaser


Fire Prism: 160

With spiritstones, Holofields

Total: 1699pts

So what do you think?

Cheers CJ