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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goodbye army for 5th edition!

at the final days of 5th edition I'm going to put my best foot forward and I'm aiming at finally finishing up this blog's name army:

Up top you see the current condition of the army I'm planning to take to the Belgium open tournament 7and 8 of July. 

The armylist:

Saim Hann 1850

Farseer on Jetbike: Fortune, RoWit, RoWard - 140
6x Warlocks on Jetbikes: 3x Destructor, 2x Embolden, 1x Enhance - 325
5 Fire Dragons, waveserpent, stones, TL scatterlaser 205
5 Fire Dragons, waveserpent, stones, TL scatterlaser 205
6x Guardian Jetbikes, 2x Shuri, +1x Warlock on jetbike w/Embolden & Spear - 205
6x Guardian Jetbikes, 2x Shuri, +1x Warlock on jetbike w/Embolden & Spear - 205
6x Guardian Jetbikes, 2x Shuri, +1x Warlock on jetbike w/Embolden & Spear - 205
3x Warwalker: 6x Scatterlasers- 180
3x Warwalker: 6x Scatterlasers - 180

a lot still needs to be done on this army and with about a month and a half to go it's going to be a close call I think. The following still needs to be done:

Convert up 3 more Warlocks for the GJB unit's
Sculpt a grant total of 16 more bike with the iconic Draco Milites scales
Convert and scale 6 dinosaur miniature into warwalkers
Paint a grant total of 9 warlocks, 12 GJB's, 6 warwalkers and finish up the farseer fire dragons and serpents details.

So all in all a pretty daunting task for the coming weeks but I guess it's only fitting that the project that started my eldar career and 5th edition playtime should be done at the end of it. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dutch GT day 2

Well it took some time but here it is, I unfortunately don't have any pictures for day 2 as I forgot to take my camera out of my army case. for game 4 we had the updated loot counter mission.

I lost the roll of and we had 3 objectives, this was going to be a hard game for me he could claim 2 objectives right away with no contesting this would be difficult. he had 10 terminators with Lysander and 5 TH/SS terminators, 2 units in rhino's and some speeders.

he deployed the terminators in the centred flanked by the Rhino's and the speeders out of LoS. I only deployed one serpent behind terrain ready to claim my counter. As predicted we both got our objectives in our first turn. After that I made a effort to kill his left troops and claim that objective. This succeeded! in an effort to claim his last objectives I threw just about everything at it. afterwords this was a bad Idea since it cost me a lot of VP's which modified the result down 2 points but it was word the effort. But my fire prisms where scattering badly in this game and I couldn't clear the objective to claim it and I won 12-8 loosing a very large chunk of my army.

for game 5 we had another kill points mission I faced marines yet again but this was a very random list with a lot of everything but nothing overly scary. Table was bad and he got first turn building himself a nice fire base. So I spend my first turns moving flat out to get to him boosting to his left flank and totally annihilating everything over there. it was risky but it worked out. I took out a bunch of terminators and a tactical squad (yriel rocks) then assaulted the Terminaotrs to lock them and killed another but losing the unit ofer the following turn. On the other side he had managed to take down a serpent with the unit inside so it was now 1-3 to him but I then managed to kill off the rest of the terminators and his marshal guy. giving me the 3-3 edge. Now he got desparate and tried to kill of Yriel both in doing so he lost another small assault squad and unit of attack bikes. giving me the 5-3 lead. most of the punch was now taken out of his left flank so i mopped up killing the razorback and landraider that where still there and ended with a 7-3 win. giving me a solid 20-0 win.

So after 2 days of gaming I ended up 15th in battle points which wasn't that bad for a first try, I lost out big on painting and the quiz so I dropped to 27th overall but still a great result for the first GT.

hope you enjoyed this short recap of my first trip to the GT I'm definitely going there next year :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bloody mess

Hey guys I've been running around some ideas in my head of what to do after the Eldar since they have been my main and only army for close to 2 years now so I toughed it might be time for a change.

Enter the blood angels still a speedy army with nice aesthetics, so I was going through the codex and talking to a Sm playing friend I discovered that the droppod Dreads can be very nice to get some nice distraction units in your opponents face so when going with droppods 3 is always better then 2 I made my distraction elements:

meat meat grinder 1& 2: these guys are 2 Death company Dreadnoughts with Heavy Flamer and Melta gun combine with blood talons with their droppod ride.

they can only ride into battle with their brethren to accompany them meat the meaty bunch: 10 Deathcompany, with a powerfist in it, in a droppod.

They are a major distraction for any army so when the dust finally settels they are no facing the angels of redemption! these are led by brother lothar: This is my Blood Angel captain with his powerweapon and Jumppack. He leads 3 units of assault marines into battle , dropping from the skies as angels of redemption on their path to glory. 2 of these 10 man units carry Melta weaponry and a sergeant with a forceful hand of righteousness, and one unit of 10 marines with cleansing flames and another forcefull sergeant.

So for you guys that don't like to read stories here is the short run down of the list:

Captain with Jumppack ,Powerweapon,Meltabomb
1 x 10 marines with 2 Flamers and Powerfist
2 x 10 marines with 2 Melta and Powerfist
2 x Death Company Dreadnoughts with Heavy Flamer, melta gun, Bloodtalons,Droppod
1 x 10 DC with Powerfist , Droppod
1700 pt.s

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dutch GT day 1

Hey there bloggers,

the Dutch GT is over and man was it a great weekend. had great games and as a first timer I was very pleased with my 27th overall placing. Barely having finished my army to a legal standard I still took 18 out of a possible 30 painting points. I scored full at WYSIWYG and the Army list so I had a nice bundle of 38 points out of 50 going into the tournament.

So arriving at the event I was greeted by a lot of familiar faces, most of the people I normally face in smaller tournaments showed up so att least we would have no trouble getting some drinks in with some great people.

I got table 13 and was facing tau for game 1, kill points Pitched battle. The table was decent and provided me with some nice firing positions. He lined up most of his army on my left and center only placing 1 commander and hammerhead on my right.

The Eldar swing wing was in full effect! I charged up the right side of the board after coming out of reserves netting my first kill point with the fire prism who saw the tau commander and shield drone hitting them both and him failing his coversave he was killed. After that he manages to take down a fire Prism and a wave serpent the crew made it out and spend the rest of the game hiding (only 2 models had survived the explosion). He also killed another transport. After that Yriel went to town with the fire dragons. I had managed to kill his kroot one of the hammerheads and a develfish in turn 5. I was leading 4-3 and we rolled a 1 giving me a minor victory for my first game.


Game 2 against Eldar Kill points pitched battle burn and slash rules

here we had another beautiful table which thanks to the mission rules had a lot of LoS blocking terrain (roll d6 for every piece on a 4-6 it's dangerous terrain, also akll terrain issmoking blocking any LoS drawn over the terrain). He choose to go first and placed most of his models, I reserved some models (Big Mistake) and over the next turns I only managed to immobilize a fire prism. where he deepstrikes in with his unit of warpspiders, he scatters, and only just manages to stay on the table (how convenient). and they procied to kill a fire prism. I jump on the with Yriel and the Fire Dragons but they only kill 5 and are no in the open.
he then comes up and blade storms my fire dragons and yriel. Yriel makes it and charges the Dire Avengers and kills them outright. in that same turn the Dire Avengers serpent who is still holding his Yriel gets wrecked by my now immobilized yriel serpent and yriel has to get out and faces 5 of my fire dragons. He fails his invulnerable saves and is killed.
My Yriel get's killed by the brightlance of one of his fire dragon serpents and I loose another transport. (those crew just flee into terrain and stay there :).
in the left of the board a fire Prism and 2 of my transports (FD and DA) duke it out with his bigger unit of FD's and their serpent and his HF falcon with DA. I manage to take down the FD's and their serpent but the flacon get's away. By now we are about tide in kill points (warpspiders are killed of by the transports) him leading by one. I try to kill of his fire dragons for the tie but fail to kill them

a minor loss(6-14)

Best painted, by now we have had the best painted nominees and they are displaying there armies for our votes. nominated are:

Chaos Deamons

Tzeentch CSM

SM(adeptus mechanicus)


and Eldar

most armies are pretty good but I know the chaos deamons aren't painted by the owner of the army. The Salamander army is well painted but the conversions are stock conversion kits. The Mechanicus army is great but the paintjob isn't that amazing. The eldar army is pretty stunnign but their are to much washes without higlights drowning a lot of details. So I voted for the Tzeentch army who ahs great conversion/theme and painting.

Time for Game 3! facing CSM marines in a nightfight mission Capture and controll. The table was decent he chose the table Edge he was standing on and placed his objective in my left corner. I then placed mine back on my right he now has to choose go for mine or defend his own. if he does both I got him he decides to go for mine in full force placing his landraider vindicator and rhino with SCM near my objective to try and get a foot hold. He moves up the CSm in their rhino (they where his first deployment) and I blast their rhino of the board on my turn one with the fire Dragons.
I hop over to his objective while I plug the hole to mine with gravtanks. He spawns his grater deamon on the unit at my objective which is killed by my firedragosn plus Yriel. Who then proceed to get killed down to Yriel who in a feat of ultimate luck manages to kill off his beserkers and witthle the CSm squad down to 2 models before bitting teh dust.
over on his objective I pop his Rhino and the unit inside take 2 explosion wounds. I then kill another with another serpent turret. He then rolls boxcars for panic check and distance. He just lost his objective. he finally get's his Oblitorators to come in and drops them on his objective to try and stop me. he scatters and after only immoblizing my DA serpent they die to fire dragons. while the DA make a run for his objective.

So last turn only 2 CSM left on my Objective here I make the biggest mistake ever. I get out of the contesting serpent and balst the 2 CSm with the DA. they die! great but wait my DA aren't within the 3" dammit their goes my massecre. 16-4 for me.

So after the first day I have a comfortable 74 points out of a possible 110 not bad for a first day.