Eldar models

Friday, August 21, 2009

Easter egg hunt!

" Ever since the destruction of the dragons the farseers of the Dragon Rider Host have spend most of their time trying to find a surviver. This would mean a chance to once more gain the Dragons as their Immortal allies. "

Since I needed an objective and I'm still waiting on my paints to arive I decided to make one. this is was I came up with. It's a old dragon's nest with a little surprise: a Lost Dragon Egg. The host will fight fierce to defend this great source of power with their Life!

Cheers CJ

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Update

Just recieved my last wave serpent so everthing is in house for the list. I based and primed My Fire Dragons and banshees and did some test bases and eventually settled on these:

Here are the Fire dragons and their bases:

The Exarch and His Pointy finger of DOOM!:

The Banshees:

The exarch in her Leaping Death:

Not to much painting yet I'm still doing some colour testing when i decide on what scheme I'll use I will show you guys :)

Cheers CJ