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Sunday, May 16, 2010

2th Place

It's been ages since I posted on the blog but I had to tell you guys what happened this last saturday!

For the first time in my warhammer 40K tournaments I placed in the top 10. This was the goal I had set for myself for the tournament I played in this saturday. After the first to games I had all ready gathered a 15-5 victory and a 18-2. So I was pretty certain of a top 10 placing (20-man tournament). Going in to the last game I was paired up with one of the most experienced and well know 40K players in the Netherlands. After a tense and exiting game the smoke cleared It was a perfect draw 10-10 leaving me with 43 out of 60 battle points and with 30 Pregame points I totalled up to 73.

Now this was a great result for me and I was having a great day. I figured I would probably be placing 5 or 6th overall. You can Imagine my surprise when they where announcing the winners and after 3th place going by, and 2th place was up I heard my name! it turned out the first place was a draw with both players getting 80 points.

It's a great morale boost for me to finally get some decent placing in a tournament with my future wish to play at a gt event. With 2 more tournaments line -up the next two weekends I should be getting in some decent practise.

I'm also playing around with a new army list I would love to try out in the future and take to the GT. It's not a Jetbike army like the one you all know I'm playing right now. Instead it consists of the following:

Farseer: doom, runes of warding, Spear (Psychic Defence& LD10)
Autarch: fusion gun (Reserve & LD10)

7 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss) Farseer
7 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss) Autarch
8 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)
8 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)

5 FD's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)
5 FD's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)

Heavy: 250
Fire Prism (ss)
Fire Prism (ss)

Totaal: 1698 pts.

It is based around the Idea of using the speed and armour of the eldar combined with the reserve rules of the Autarch to jump the enemy with superior firepower and force on the place he can least deflect it.

Many of you eldar players will probably be aware of the eldar swing wing principle. It's perfect for a speedy army like eldar. use you superior mobility to flank the opponent and engulf him leaving him with no room to breath. This is why I employ Spirt Stones on all my skimmers to keep things moving!

Comments and Suggestions more the Welcome