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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gt Preparations

Hello Bloggers,

Well with The GT not to far away I've compilled some last games in the weeks till the GT,

Upcoming ducosim doubles September 11th. This is mostly a fun tournament where I will be practising with Yriel and his squad of doom. Besides that just some random 40K

GoTW 1700 pts GT preparation tournament September 18th. This tournament is actually tailored to be a GT event trail. We will be playing the 3 non standeard mission from the GT to try out our armies and see how They hold up. This should be some good practise I know that 2 armies there will probably be Terminator based. So should be some tough competition.

Fanatic Leiden October 9th, This is a new tournament for me, Some cool missions. One where your 3 most expensive models are the objectives (only 1 vehicle), one old school VP mission and a 3 lootcounters mission. Should be some good practise with a lot of good players. Mission aren't the same as the GT but should still prove usefull practice I believe.

Then October 23-24th the main event! The Dutch GT.

So long way to go in a short time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well I just got confermation regarding the GT rulespack that Yriel is allowed but the Nightspinners aren't. This means that instead of my 2 Nightspinners I'm probably going to be using 2 Fire Prisms, list will remain basically the same besides that swap. It should still be a viable list and most tournaments around here don't allow Nightspinners anyways so I guess this will make practicing like this easier.

Yriel 155
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
9 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 296
Fire Prism Spirit stones 125
Fire Prism Spirit stones 125
1698 pts.

Now It's time to get those fire Prism turrets magnetized!

Monday, August 23, 2010

GT practise games and Great Blogpost link!

Hey there bloggers,

Today I played 2 practise games against a friends Deathwing Army to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Dutch GT. Since there would be 3 annihilation missions we decided to play that first game, for the second we would try the sun's red rays. This is a modified Dawn of war with capture and Controll mission. For both games I used the Yriel list my opponent used the following list (if I remember correctly):


with 5 man terminator squad with apothecary/chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lighting claw, Assault cannon, Stormbolter powerfist terminator.

another 5 man squad Chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lightning Claw, assault cannon, Stormbolter powerfist

another 5 man squad Chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lightning Claw, Cyclone Missle launcher, Stormbolter Powerfist

another 5 man squad Chainfist Heavy Flamer, Lightningclaw Sergeant, 2 Lighting Claws, thunder hammer StormShield

Landraider Crusader (holds the last mentioned unit)

2 vindicators

1 MM HF Landspeeder

The terrain was pretty wel covered 2 multistorie buildings. 1 beeing a Gorka Morka Fortress some trees and some random bits and pieces.

Game 1 saw me loose my 2 smaller FD squads (1 forced to fall back, other shot and assaulted) and 1 Wave Serpent to his 2 Vindicators and 2 units of terminators and landspeeder giving me an overal 5-3 Victory with roughly 480 VP differance in my advantage.

This game saaw me strugle to put Yriel and the FireBoys to good use since he was pretty much castled up next to the gorka morka fortress all game. In the end I think the apothecary saved about 5 or 6 Terminators from dying to the Nightspinners Dangerous terrain tests. However I did manage to immobilize his landraider with the spinners dangerours terrain check. I had put myNightspinner is the opposite corner and they where pretty much ignored once I had downed the landspeeder coming for them turn 1. After that we played the game I do a wound and He fails the sae but the apothecary ignores it. In the End I just managed to get out on top with Kill points but I have to say his army was a hard one for me to beat since he only had 9 KP to start with and all where rock hard. I on the other hand had a grand total of 15 KP's with some beeing bare boned 5 man Dire Avenger units.
This game showed me that fighting Terminators with melta guns is nice bit I really need to stop rolling about 3 or 4 hits on 8! bs 4 Melta guns!

Game 2 was a entirely different puppy.

I got first turn and deployed 1 serpent with DA to push back his deployment. He then deplys nothing and I Boost away on my first turn. He then deploys his entire army save for 1 terminator unit which is in reserve. He then Deepstrikes 2 units of Terminators very close to my objective which is locate behind some woods. his objective is guarded by annother Termi unit flanked by the Vindicators and Landraider. save for the objective termies his entire army guns it for my objective. My reserves come on everything butt 1 small FD squad. I loose the game right there. I play my Yriel unit to aggresiefly in an attempt to keep my objective clear. This fails with me rolling 4 1's to hit with the melta's and only killing 2 terminators. He then proseeds to uses his search lights to spot the unit and it is whiped out till only Yriel is left who is shot down the turn after that.

The rest of the game sees me trying to move to his objective only to be stopped in the last turn with me getting my faced punched in by the terminator units while I try to contest his objective and mine. In the end he takes me down to 2 Dire Avenger units and a Nightspinner everything else either wrecked or dead.

This game showed me that even though my fire power can be good when you don't have search lights and bad luck on the dice you can still have your butt kicked :)

Overall I'm pretty happy with the list I just need more practise and facing full terminator armies will still be a hard game for me too win but I guess that's the age of the coldex showing. While on that topic my German Eldar friend Karnstein just posted a great article on his blog which is deffinatly worth taking a look at

Saturday, August 21, 2010

GT Rules pack online

So yesterday the GT rules pack for the Dutch with the usual things off course. But also the misions that will be played. So let's have a look and see what it means for me gameplaywise:

DAY 1:
Let’s start things of with an easy one.
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the

Well easy enough standard annihilation mission. not my favourite mission in 40K to say the least. My army should perform reasonably well but I will have to be carefull and forcefull at the same time.

You don’t always get to choose your battlefield,
and sometimes the battlefield is just as dangerous
as your enemy.
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Spearhead (page 93 of the rulebook)
Special rules:
Slash and burn: All pieces of area terrain are
either on fire or a smoking ruin. Before either side
deploys roll a D6 for each piece of area terrain
and refer to the following table:
1-3 Burning: The area counts as dangerous terrain.
4-6 Smoking: Add +1 to the cover save of any
unit in the terrain.
In addition, both burning and smoking terrain
blocks any line of sight that is drawn across and
beyond them.

Well surprise surprise another annihilation mission, however the terrain has some nice extra rules. the smoke ruins will give some nice places to hide units if need be. But most of all I love the LOS blocking, If the Nightspinners will be allowed they will rock in this mission since they can fire out of LoS. It will also narrow the boards terrain where units will go and hide since hiding in a burning ruin will be painful.

Attacking in the middle of the night can give you
the edge you need in battle, just as long as your
enemy doesn’t know you are coming.
Mission: Capture and control (page 91 of the
Deployment: Dawn of war (page 93 of the
Special rules:
The suns red rays
The battle starts at night and the night fighting
rules from the Warhammer 40000 rulebook apply.
Roll a D6 at the end of each player’s turn. On a
roll of a 6 the sun rises and the night fighting
rules are no longer used. (this special rule supersedes
the night fighting mission special rule in the
dawn of war deployment rules)

Another mission that does not suit my army. Beeing shooting alpha strike orrientated Eldar army the nightfighting could potentially ruin my entire army while the new assault codexés will have a freaking field day. They can just run up on you unopposed. Especially the new space wolves with Searchlights on practically every vehicle and acute senses all around will not be to bothered by this at all. Guess it's time for that old trick, I stay on my base with 1 unit and gun everything over on yours when you get close.

DAY 2:
There are times when subtle tactics have to be
thrown overboard and the only way to claim victory
is to head to head with your enemy.
Mission: Seize ground (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the
Special rules:
Stubborn: All non-fearless units on both sides
are treated as having the stubborn universal special
rule when fighting this mission.
Objective secured: if either side has a scoring
unit within 3” of an uncontested objective at the
end of their turn, the objective the objective is
said to have been ‘secured’. A secured objective
counts as being controlled even if the unit that
secured it moves off.
The only way the objective can change hands is
for an enemy scoring unit to ‘secure’ it themselves
(just as described above)
Straight up the middle: Neither side may outflank
in this mission.

This mission will be a very strange one indeed. The capturing rules have been changed and now you can capture a objective without being on there. I can see some potential in this new rule with the Eldar speed just claim a unit and then keep it contested with a non scoring unit and see if something comes in to contest it Kill that and still keep it. All in all a intresting mission that will be a challange.

The question that has been going around is if you can still contest objectives or only claim them.

All good things must end sometimes, let’s go out
with a bang!
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the

Well the third Annihilation mission in the tournament it's kind of lame the same mission twice and a slightly modified one.

overall I'm not to happy with the missions but I will just have to see how I can take an eldar victory home anyway!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT prep game

Hey Bloggers,

I've just set a date with on of my warhammer buddies to play a GT prep game and see how are lists might perform. So this Sunday I'll be heading up there to face his Dark Angels Deathwing, some of you might all ready know his army he was the guy I played with in the last doubles tournament report.

his Blue Deathwing army

on a side note that doubles tournament is coming up soon as well this time I'm going to head over there with a blood angels player and we will be running These lists together


5 DA's, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,shurikancanon,ss)
5 DA's, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,shurikancanon,ss)
8 FD's, Exarch,DBF,Crackshot, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,ss)

Blood Angels

2 priests Jumppack powerweapon
2 x 10 assault marines , Powerfist, 2 melta
8 Deatchcompany Powerfist, Droppod

The main plan is to drop the Deathcompany in the way as a distraction. There reroll to hit and wound thanks to the Reclusiarch will make them a real threat. Then use the spinner to tie up on flank and use all else agaisnt the other. With a lot of fast melta weapons and S shooting we should have some nice synergy going on. only thing I'm wondering if I should change is to take out Yriel for a farseer with RoW as I've seen plans for guys taking 2 Eldrads and the likes.

Your oppinion?

i've also got a hold off the email adress of the person responsible for the Dutch GT and have asked if the Nightspinners will be allowed at the event there. So hoping to get a word on that soon as well.

So a lot going on all in good fun

untill the next one

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Path of the Warrior Review

Ok going to give you a small review of another blogger on the book, I can't agree more with this review! the book is a great window in the Eldar world I've never seen before. The way the story evolves while linking into the bigger plotlines along the way was really a great read! Well hat's all I'm going to say on it because I don't want to spoil the book for you.

The only thing left to say or ask is why havent you picked it up yet!

Friday 2nd of July, 2010

Gav's Eldar guest blog

Black Library veteran author Gav Thorpe talks to us about getting into the eldar mindset.

Path of the WarriorHow does one get into the mind of an eldar? Short of a bottle of absinthe or licking some of the more exotic species of frogs in the Amazon rainforest, the best I could do was take our everyday human experiences and turn the dial up to eleven. Imagine the greatest slight you have felt, the highest moment of achievement, the deepest times of grief and sadness; now imagine experiencing that for every second of your life, a life that can last more than a thousand years. There is no description in human psychology that could encompass such a tumult of emotion.

Add to this heightened emotional volatility a physical sensitivity and self-awareness that for us would be considered supernatural. Try to picture an existence in which you can feel the slightest current of air on your skin and hair, the subtlest nuance of taste, the infinitely small degrees of hue in the spectrum, the music in silence. The buzz of an insect is an orchestral work; starlight dappling on water is a rainbow of colours; the scent of a flower a melange of smells that each elicit the most powerful response.

But we are not done yet. Each of those exquisite phenomena, every tiniest experience, is imprinted upon your mind in stark clarity. Not for the eldar the comfort of pain dwindling with time, not the hazy, comfortable recollection of love and happiness. With the turning of a thought, you can experience again every strata of sensation as if it were happening right now. Could you fight the temptation to wander through the joys of childhood forever, the dark abyss of every tragic loss waiting to consume you in a moment’s indulgence?

And still there is another facet to eldar life that we must consider; one which with all of the imagination in the world we cannot hope to emulate with human experience. The perfection of emotion, thought and body is physical, chemical, natural. The eldar existence goes beyond this, into the realm of the psychic. I’m not talking the big stuff – the prophecies of the farseers or ravening blasts of lightning – I’m talking about the everyday empathy, the sense of the wider universe and the crushing awareness of all other living things hovering on the edge of detection. Grief shared is not just social or a matter of body language, it is an unconscious touch inside your mind; joy shared is not just a contagious smile, it is a flood of happiness fuelled by the experiences of others.

No wonder the eldar went insane.

And so we come to the Path. This is the means by which each of these tortuous gifts can be turned off and on. The Path is the net that caught the eldar after the Fall. It is the Path that brings calm to the mental storm, brings peace to the constant bombardment of sensation, dulls the psychic sense and allows the exploration of self.

But for Korlandril, protagonist of Path of the Warrior, the Path brings no peace, only war and death, experienced in a way only an eldar can experience it...

Source: Gav Thorpe Guestblog

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yriel what a nice guy

Hey guys,

while looking forward to my upcoming vacation to italy (leaving in 14 hours!) I'm contemplating my current incarnation of the GT list, with 2 extra boxes of Fire Dragons on the way I should be able to playtest this list as soon as I get back from vacation. I'm really curious to see Yriel on the table and test his abilities on the table top next to the spinners and the always painfull Fire Dragons.
Yriel 155
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
9 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 296
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
1698 pts.
The current plan is to put Yriel into the large FD sqaud as a CC deterent. Or depending on the opponent maybe split him off an small FD squad and start hunting something with a 3+ armour save to take a"look" at.
The 2 small Fire Dragon squads should be able to take out the most immenant threat (landraiders carring something scary). While the spinners pummel the rest into submission. This army has a lot more "I get on the table and blast you!" power, which the previous list really didn't have. overall I'm really looking forward to playtesting this list!
As for the man himself I'm considering doing a conversion to get the pose more like the picture you see at the beginning of this post. I'm thinking some Dire Avenger parts combined with some corsair cloaks should do the trick together with some Highelf weapons. I'm also thinking about putting corsair cloaks on the Fire Dragons, the scally look should really complement their overall look and feel. It will also get me some much needed conversion points.
So overall a long way to go until the dutch GT but I'm looking forward to going down that road.
See you guys in a week!
p.s. picked up path of the warrior from the black library will post a review on it when I get back!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1500 points tournament review

Well After sleeping 2,5 hours I headed over to rotterdam and Gamers of the West for the tournament. After a crazy journey, everything that could go wrong did. I arrived late but since it was only a 4 man tournament anyways it wasn't a problem. Besides me with eldar there was a Space wolves player, a tau and a Tyranids player. I took the list I posted in my previews post and got paired with the spacewolves player for game 1

Game 1 Spearhead, capture and controll.

against Space wolves list:
wolfpriest terminator armour living lighting and the difficult terrain power.
3 units of 5 terminators (all have missel launcher 2 units have combi weapons other one powerweapons)
2 missle launcher speeders
6 longangs with 5 missle launchers
and 3 droppods

He dropped the 2 combi weapon terminator units and the logan/priest longfangs (they were made relentless in his shooting phase and fearless in my turns. His misdropped his droppods and I should have won the game from then on. But in the last turn I blew up the landspeeder contesting my objective but it endeded up killing my last claiming Dire Avenger. On the other objective I manageded to fail a LD 10 panic test and ran off the board so after being lined up for a 2-0 win it ended in a 0-0 draw. result 10-10

Next mission was Kill points with pitched battle deployment against the new nids codex (my first time) His list consisted of something like:

2 flying Hive tyrants
2 trygons
1 unit termaguants (10 or so)
1 unit hormogaunts with droppod
1 zoantrhope
1 unit of 8 genestealers

He played the game brilliantly and I made a big mistake. He linned up everything and I was dumb enough te reserve everything I should have just lined up and start shooting those big bugs. But by reserving by time my turn 2 came around he had lined up his entire army at about 12-18' of my deployment edge, so when I came on I was trapped by the terrain and his beasts I managed to kill one Flyrant but not the tygon on the left flank so next turn I was jumped by the Genestealers and and trygon. I instantly los 3 kill points and ended up loosing 11 -3 This game really made me rethink my army list. reulst 18-2 loss

Last game was loot counters with dawn of war deployment. this game was agaisnt a inexperienced Tau player so evened out the playing field a bit since my experience with full mech was less then optimal. we rolled and got 5 counters. Well the deployment really buggered his deployment his list consists something like

1 HQ battlesuit twinlinkked missile launchers
2 twinlinked missle lunchers suits
2 fireknifes

2 units of 12 fire warriors 1 devilfish
2 units of 12 kroot

unit of pathfinders with devilfish

2 broadsides with 4 shield drones
2 hammerheads

This game was over before it began. He claimed 3 objectives straight on but end of the game I had 3 to his 2 objectives giving me a 16-4 win. I only lost a single waveserpent in the prosess he had lost his 2 hammerheads 2 suit teams. I had faced off with his 2 hammerhads broadsides and suit teams on the left side and won so I had the space to claim 3 objectives and was short 5 mm to contest his 2de to give me the 18-2.

in the end I had managed to stay of last place so ended 3 out of four which was fine by me considering my games. after the tournament I had a talk with a friend of mine from germany karnstein (http://thelamentofbavematha.blogspot.com) and I've decided to try a different style list lovingly named Eldar reserve alpha strike:

Yriel 155
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
9 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 296
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
1698 pts.

most obvious changes is in the HQ section no seer and Yriel as a CC counter/deterrent. Also I choose to go lighter on the troops section to get more powerfull power in to stand a chance agaisnt the GT style lists. using the FD units to hits the hard tanks or disembarking units from destroyed transports. It also has a lot more S6 shooting per tank with the underslung cannons. In total this list has a total of 22 twinlinked S6 shots, 12 S6 shots, 2 S6 Large blasts and 20 Melta guns.

So comments suggestions are welcome, any questions I'll try to answer them as soon as I can