Eldar models

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Damm what a lot of work

Hey Bloggers,

After getting 2 tournaments done real life caught up with me. But I did have a lot of fun. We took 1th at the doubles tournament. with 3 great games, the Nightspinners really worked great in combination with the power of the blood Angels.

The Gt preparation event was a lot of fun to but the result wasn't that great ending second to last. I was outgunned by IG and lost 18-2 in a killpoint mission. Then I drawed against a Spacewolfs player, I got a 1 on a difficult terrain test which prevented me from contesting his objective for the win 10-10. The last game was a very close win but I lost to much of my army so I ended up with a 12-8 win giving me a total of 24 battlepoints out of a possible 60 not really the greatest result ever.

I did however have a day off school today and decided to finally get the bases of my Displayboard started. Some Pictures to show my progress so far :

So hopefully I can provide you guys with some more progress in the near future


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry for the lack or reports

Hey Bloggers,

sorry for the lack of battlereports of the battles played this Saturday my PC went Emo Blue on me Sunday so spend all day trying to get it working again.

But a short note on the battles we played a Lootcounter mission using the special claim rules and the terrain rules of the slash and burn mission (the GT Mission Rules). This mission was a really close game and actually saw me take the win (after the game was a draw for most of the time) with some great tankshocking and movement. 3-1 win Objectives But this was a game where we forgot a lot of special rules making this mission a bit weird.

The Deathwing

Eldar assault

The battle for the 3th Objective

So after a close win we decided to play a normal pitched battle annihilation mission. This was by far on of the worst games I've ever played every die was exactly the opposite from what I wanted. Lost 3 tanks turn two because I failed 3 cover saves at rolls of 3 when I needed 4 (the agony). The game just went south from there with the fire dragons getting stuck out in the oppen without transports and the fireprisms stunned or destroyed leaving me with little punch and a lost game at 7(or 8) to 2


Eldar Swingwing

Getting hammerd!

Wrecks Everywhere

Detailed reports will be up as soon as I can! together with some pictures :) followed shortly by my reports on the Doubles tournament Coming up this Saturday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conversion Holofields

Hello bloggers, after my 2 games today I noticed I could use holofields on my fire Prisms. So after discussing it with my friend and rampaging my bits box we came up with this conversion. It uses the Wave Serpent energy field generators on the turret to show my Holofield generators.

Fire Prism and Nightspinner

Fire Prism


Friday, September 3, 2010

Preparing for a day of gaming!

The gaming table set-up for tomorows games, my mate will bring some extra terrain pieces so we can have about 25% coverage (little under 25% at the moment). I will try to take some pictures and give you guys a battle report when possible:

The army in it's current state (the Dire avengers are headless since they are primed white and will be added after the models are done):

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some pictures of Yriel 2.0

Hey bloggers small update I have some pictures of my minor Yriel Conversions. Just to remind you this is how the model normally hits the table:

Now this is my (yet to be painted) Yriel (Click on pictures for larger versions)

I Changed the Spear to the one from the High Elves Noble Kit

I chopped of the original base and replaced it with something
more fitting with the rest of the army. Also the flags are Dire Avenger flags
which can be removed for easier transport

I reworked the Right arm a little, I separated the Force Shield panels to get
a more dynamic look I think it makes the model a lot more detailed.

Well I hope you like it, I know it's not the most spectacular conversion but I think it works.