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Sunday, September 13, 2009

First reports from the Front!

Hello there bloggers,

after another great tournament followed by a night on the town I'm going to give you the first short run down of the tournament. I managed to gather 55 points out of a possible 100 which considering I got 0 points for painting and such. I gathered 25 pregame points and 30 battle points with a Draw against orks in a Annihilation mission with Spearhead deployment. This game was against the ork player that kicked my ass at the previous tournament. So I was more then happy to draw against this very well playing guy. If any of you know fritz and have seen his games might have seen the Swing Wing I was able to put this in to work for the first time only to get my 2 guardian jetbike squads charged by the outflanking Ork Commando's. (In retro speck I'm wondering if they could have made that move seeing as they just came on the board?)after all the dust settled we where tied at 3-3 KP which gave me a 10-10 draw

This game was followed with a Dawn of War with Capture and Control. Which gave me the chance to use my just completed Objective marker, which was a joy to behold on the table. The game was against a friend of mine which I hat yet to battle so it was nice to see him appear on the other side of the table. He played a Sternguard heavy list with kantor and stubbern and scoring guys all over the board. The game was a perfect one for me with only a few glitches in my battle plan But eventually I was able to contest his objective and claim my own after a 7 round game. Giving me a 15-5 major victory

The last game was one that I would like to do over because it got ruined due to some miscommunication. I met another guy I wanted to play which was the guy that drove me to the tournament last time. The game was a seize ground with pitched battle. The guy plays a deathravenwing with both sammuel and belail and scoring bikers and terminators. This was hard fought game I was out gunned and outmaneuvered. He knows his army inside out and even though his luck was crap he eventually claimed victory on turn 5. I was disappointed because it should have been a draw since we where told we only had 15 minutes left while he was making his turn 4 assaults. This led me to make my end game moves on turn 4 but he then said we had enough time to make another turn which I should have refused. as it turned out we did go over time on turn 5 and I got whiped because I had placed everything for a turn 4 end contesting all his objectives now he had 2 turns of combat to destroy my units which he easily did with his Termies. Leaving me with a nasty after taste and a 5-15 loss which should have been a 10-10 draw.

In the End I had collected 30 Battle points and my first ever tournament game win. so not a bad result I guess. I just need to get my models finished for the 15 extra points :). It was a good practice run with my new list that did pretty good considering the amount of Kill points and failing use of my Fire dragons. Thanks for readying I will try to make some more detailed reports tomorrow hopefully I can remember as much as I can :).

Cheers CJ

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