Eldar models

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short Displayboard Update

Hey guys some more Pictures from the Display board. It's done for now until I get to the stage where i'm going to be painting the bases of my entire army. I think it came out pretty well (sorry for the crummy Pictures). all the sand will be painted a light brown in similar style to my Objective The sides and the pillars are going to stay white/bone coloured since they are supposed to look like wraithbone .

anyways enjoy (comments and complements are more then welcome =).


  1. That is one awesome display board. I'd love to ake one eventually, but i'm terribad with anything that might involve a saw

  2. Thanks a lot Iggy, It's a lot of work but i did make it without touching a single saw :D. I did however use a knife,and a 25 mm Wood Drill bot can be very scary!

    I'm glad I took the time to make this thing It will really help me move my models at tournaments. I just need to not change the list :P

    Cheers CJ

  3. Looking real good... use what ever works for you.