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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Damm what a lot of work

Hey Bloggers,

After getting 2 tournaments done real life caught up with me. But I did have a lot of fun. We took 1th at the doubles tournament. with 3 great games, the Nightspinners really worked great in combination with the power of the blood Angels.

The Gt preparation event was a lot of fun to but the result wasn't that great ending second to last. I was outgunned by IG and lost 18-2 in a killpoint mission. Then I drawed against a Spacewolfs player, I got a 1 on a difficult terrain test which prevented me from contesting his objective for the win 10-10. The last game was a very close win but I lost to much of my army so I ended up with a 12-8 win giving me a total of 24 battlepoints out of a possible 60 not really the greatest result ever.

I did however have a day off school today and decided to finally get the bases of my Displayboard started. Some Pictures to show my progress so far :

So hopefully I can provide you guys with some more progress in the near future



  1. Congratz on the doubles tournament, and that display board is looking great.

  2. Thanks Aleksi, Had a blast at the doubles Eldar + CC monster blaad angels worked like a charm :).

    The Displayboard was a lot of fun to make :) Was getting tired of having to walk 10 times between tables.

  3. Interesting looking army , what is the list ? how many points ?

    just a little confusing as to what is going on in there atm.

  4. The list consists of:


    2 x 5 Fire Dragons Waveserpent Shurikan cannon spiritstones
    1 x 9 Fire Dragons ( Exarch DBF crackshot )Waveserpent Scatterlaser spiritstones

    3 x 5 Dire Avengers, Waveserpent Scatterlaser spiritstones

    2 Fire Prisms Stones, holofields

    1700 points Dutch GT list.