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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bloody mess

Hey guys I've been running around some ideas in my head of what to do after the Eldar since they have been my main and only army for close to 2 years now so I toughed it might be time for a change.

Enter the blood angels still a speedy army with nice aesthetics, so I was going through the codex and talking to a Sm playing friend I discovered that the droppod Dreads can be very nice to get some nice distraction units in your opponents face so when going with droppods 3 is always better then 2 I made my distraction elements:

meat meat grinder 1& 2: these guys are 2 Death company Dreadnoughts with Heavy Flamer and Melta gun combine with blood talons with their droppod ride.

they can only ride into battle with their brethren to accompany them meat the meaty bunch: 10 Deathcompany, with a powerfist in it, in a droppod.

They are a major distraction for any army so when the dust finally settels they are no facing the angels of redemption! these are led by brother lothar: This is my Blood Angel captain with his powerweapon and Jumppack. He leads 3 units of assault marines into battle , dropping from the skies as angels of redemption on their path to glory. 2 of these 10 man units carry Melta weaponry and a sergeant with a forceful hand of righteousness, and one unit of 10 marines with cleansing flames and another forcefull sergeant.

So for you guys that don't like to read stories here is the short run down of the list:

Captain with Jumppack ,Powerweapon,Meltabomb
1 x 10 marines with 2 Flamers and Powerfist
2 x 10 marines with 2 Melta and Powerfist
2 x Death Company Dreadnoughts with Heavy Flamer, melta gun, Bloodtalons,Droppod
1 x 10 DC with Powerfist , Droppod
1700 pt.s

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  1. I wouldn't take a blood angle armie whitout a priest since feel no pain realy helps whit dammage management. It also makes it a lot easyer to whin fights whit armies that can put up a fight in close combat. I also doubt that you shoot take death companyu dreadnoughts over a furios. While fleet is nice rage can realy get annoyin soon for deep striking death company dreads. Since they can't realy kill most vechiles easy. But can be lurred by those. Also furiosos have arm 13 makeing them much harder to kill whit powerfist then death company dreads