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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dutch GT day 2

Well it took some time but here it is, I unfortunately don't have any pictures for day 2 as I forgot to take my camera out of my army case. for game 4 we had the updated loot counter mission.

I lost the roll of and we had 3 objectives, this was going to be a hard game for me he could claim 2 objectives right away with no contesting this would be difficult. he had 10 terminators with Lysander and 5 TH/SS terminators, 2 units in rhino's and some speeders.

he deployed the terminators in the centred flanked by the Rhino's and the speeders out of LoS. I only deployed one serpent behind terrain ready to claim my counter. As predicted we both got our objectives in our first turn. After that I made a effort to kill his left troops and claim that objective. This succeeded! in an effort to claim his last objectives I threw just about everything at it. afterwords this was a bad Idea since it cost me a lot of VP's which modified the result down 2 points but it was word the effort. But my fire prisms where scattering badly in this game and I couldn't clear the objective to claim it and I won 12-8 loosing a very large chunk of my army.

for game 5 we had another kill points mission I faced marines yet again but this was a very random list with a lot of everything but nothing overly scary. Table was bad and he got first turn building himself a nice fire base. So I spend my first turns moving flat out to get to him boosting to his left flank and totally annihilating everything over there. it was risky but it worked out. I took out a bunch of terminators and a tactical squad (yriel rocks) then assaulted the Terminaotrs to lock them and killed another but losing the unit ofer the following turn. On the other side he had managed to take down a serpent with the unit inside so it was now 1-3 to him but I then managed to kill off the rest of the terminators and his marshal guy. giving me the 3-3 edge. Now he got desparate and tried to kill of Yriel both in doing so he lost another small assault squad and unit of attack bikes. giving me the 5-3 lead. most of the punch was now taken out of his left flank so i mopped up killing the razorback and landraider that where still there and ended with a 7-3 win. giving me a solid 20-0 win.

So after 2 days of gaming I ended up 15th in battle points which wasn't that bad for a first try, I lost out big on painting and the quiz so I dropped to 27th overall but still a great result for the first GT.

hope you enjoyed this short recap of my first trip to the GT I'm definitely going there next year :)

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