Eldar models

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey guys little update:

made my gravtanks, and assembled my Dire Avengers an finished assembling my Vypers. So this is where the army is at now. things still left to do are finishing the Farseer and his Seer council.

Army now:

Guardians squad 1 Vypers squad 1 :
( still need a Dire Avenger flag for this one )

Guardians squad 2 Vypers squad 2:
( with flag for Squad marking )

Dire Avengers and their Wave Serpent:
( Salvage FW turret still needs cleaning )

Fire Prism 1 with converted turret:

Fire Prism 1 with converted turret:

not to sure about the Fire Prism turrets yet but for now they will do for the tournament since I won't have time to fix it. since I only have a week to go and lots to do.

Cheers CJ

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