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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Black Templar vs. The Dragon Rider Host

1700 pts. Capture and Control. Spearhead

Armylist Black Templar:

Grand marshal with power weapon and crusaders seals
10 crusaders with Powerfist
4 neophytes with 2 shotguns
Landraider crusader

Emperors champion with black sword and crusader seals
10 crusaders with melta gun and Powerweapon
3 neophytes with 2 shotguns
Landraider crusader

5 man tactical squad with Plasma gun and Rhino

Dreadnought with Twinlinked lascannon and Misslelauncher

Terminators with 3 pairs of Lighting claws and 2 stormshield lightning hammer

Armylist Dragon Rider Host:

Farseer with Doom, Fortune, Spirit stones and Spear
Warlocks x 6 with 4 x Destructor, Enhance and Embolden

Guardian Jetbikes x 6 with 2 shurikancannons
Guardian Jetbikes x 6 with 2 shurikancannons
Dire Avengers x 10 with Exarch, dual Cats and Bladestrom
Waveserpent with Spiritstones and Twinlinked Brightlance

Vypers x 2 with starcannons
Vypers x 2 with starcannons

Fire Prism with Holofields and spirit stones
Fire Prism with Holofields

Black templar deploys his 2 Landraiders and Rhino around the building holding his objective. He also deploys his dread nought on the first floor of the same building. Looks like it is going to be hard to take his objective with a guard like that.

I deploy my Seer Council, 2 Fire Prisms and Waveserpent in my corner with as much cover as I can get. The rest goes in reserve. my objective is located all most against the short table edge to make him move as much as possible.

Turn 1 Black templar

His first turn was very uneventful. He moved up his 2 Landraiders closer to me and unloads the 5 man plasma squad in the building with the plasma gunner on the top floor. He then proceeds to the shooting phase trying to get some fire into my front Fire Prism but it glances of everything thanks to the coversave provide by the building. He poped smoke on the landraider furthest away.

Turn 1 Dragon Rider Host

First of I fortuned the council then I made my first mistake I popped out the seer council from behind cover to try and pop the closest landraider with the Spear and the rest of the shooting. The serpent moves to get into range to LoS to shoot at the same landraider. Fire Prisms get ready to combine beams. Entering the shooting phase I managed to only get a weapon destroyed from all the shooting. I opt to take of the twinlinked assaultcannon. Leaving the meltagun on their was a risk but it managed to fail shooting anything the rest of the game. I combat move my seer council back as far as I can.

Turn 2 Black templar

I now meet the horror that is landraider assault range. He turns around his landraider and moves in towards my Seer council and he manages to get unit that was in there into contact with the seer council. He also move up is 2de landraider in order to shoot at my Waveserpent. Which results in a crew shaken result thanks to spirit stones. He then move his rhino around a bit more to get more cover. He also get’s his terminators which manage to drop in right next to my Waveserpent. They run to be less template compact. In the Assault I manage to kill some initiates but he then proceeds to kill my Farseer with his S6 wielding emperors champion. The rest of the combat is a tie with me making about 16 armour saves with my still fortuned warlocks.

Turn 2 Dragon Rider Host

I get the 2 Bikers squads from reserve and place them on the far left and turboboost them for the cover save. I turboboost my serpent away from the terminators getting myself a nice 4+ cover save. The Fire Prism move away a bit to get some shots in at the Landraider but the fail to hurt it. Combat is awful and I loose another 2 warlocks to the huge squad. That reroll vow is really beginning to annoy me. I hold and stay in combat.

Turn 3 Black templar

He moves around his Terminators in order to try to hit one of my Fire Prisms. His other landraider moves back a bit to get within 12” with it’s meltagun (he failed to remember that his 2 d6 where not going to happen against the serpents energy field) his shooting also fails to do anything his dreadnought tries to shoot at my Fire Prism but misses everything. Combat ends in some more losses on both sides killing the last warlocks leaving him with about 7 marines and his champion he uses the consolidate move to spread out.

Turn 3 Dragon Rider Host

Reserves give me my 2 vypers squad and boy do I need them. I move them on moving 8”to get some nice 6’s to hit in CC bonus. The Waveserpent moves in between them and the Landraider. The Fire Prisms move in a bit to get link LoS and get ready to guard my objective. On the far left I turboboost 1 squad and make a 3+ coversave line and I move up the other bikes 12” getting me LoS to the dreadnought. Shooting phase was a lot better I manage to kill 3 Terminators with some good shooting from the vypers. The twinlinked brightlance manages to take of the Melta gun of the 2e Landraider. And the Fire Prisms S6 ap 3 shot manages to take out 4 marines only leaving him with his champ and 3 marines left. The Shurikancannons stun and shake the dreadnought then move behind their 3+ coversave brethren.

Turn 4 Black templar

He moves back his 2de landraider to try and fend of the guardian Jetbikes he moves out with his 2 big squad and then proceeds to poor shooting and assault into the first bike squad which dies like it’s supposed to leaving his squad a long way from his objective. On my side he moves his guys into the landraider and then tries to shoot a Fire Prism with it’s melta failing to hurt it yet again. The terminators assault my vypers but only manage to shake one thanks to the squadron rule.

Turn 4 Dragon Rider Host

I move away my vypers a bit from his terminators getting them ready to boost to his objective turn 5. my Waveserpent holding my dire avenger troops boost back to my objective not making the full distance but setting up for a turn 5 claim. The Fire Prisms move in a bit more to screen the objective from the landraider. I then turboboost the last guardian Jetbikes over his squad and landraider and I claim his objective. The bait is set. Shooting cleans up the last terminators but fails to hurt the landraider.

Turn 5 Black templar

He moves around his landraider a bit more to try and shoot at the Fire Prism guarding my objective. He also moves everything around at the left to shoot and assault the guardian bikes currently parked their. To my horror I find they are within assault range so I hope they die from shooting to keep away his squad of marines. He then pours everything he has at the squad killing them all but also leaving him out of assault range and giving me a clear shot at his objective. His melta raider fails to hurt my Prism.

Turn 5 Dragon Rider Host
I boost in with 1 vyper squad contesting his objective and move the 2de one in to do the same in turn 6 should that come. I move the Fire Prism in front of his landraider and move my serpent on the objective. The Fire Prism prevents him from being able to ram with his landraider keeping my serpent sae for now. Further shooting from the vypers on the dreadnought fails and same goes for the brightlances and Fire Prisms. But I hold my own objective and claim his. Time to roll 1 or 2. My opponent rolls and it’s a 1!!!! Game ends with a Saim Hann victory! We didn’t tally the Victory points but It probably wasn’t enough to keep me from the win. In the end their was little left of my army but the win was in the bag.

Pictures end game:

my objective:

Click the image to open in full size.

His objective:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Losses Dragon Rider host:

Seer council, 2 guardians Jetbike squads

Losses Black templar:

Half his first unit and his terminators

Lessons learned:
-Black templar are lethal on the assault against my small units due to their rerolls I have to roll insane amounts of saves which in the end kills you.
-Moving 7 “in order to only be hit on 6’s in assault is totally worth it.
-I fail in taking out Landraiders but thanks to speed there is enough room to just ignore them when possible.
-Land raider assault range is very far.
-Jetbikes are nice gunfoder
-Starcannons are still king

Hope you all enjoyed readying the report as much as I enjoyed writing it and playing the battle.

Until next time

Cheers CJ


  1. Great job mate, sounds like a true sneaky Saim-Hann win!

    The only surprise for me was that, in Turn 2, you moved your Serpent away from the Termis. Personally I think I would have given them a nice dose of Bladestorm. Combined with some other shooting it should have been enough to finish them! Then again, I wasn't there, so I can't appreciate how the whole battle field looked :)

    Looking forward to the next battle report mate.

  2. thanks Soviet well the think is i don't really trust my Dire Avengers anymore and because they where the only tropp choice capable of holding my own objective I had them move to a saver distance. because if I wouldn't be able to kill them all he would hold me in combat to far from the objective and with more marines on the way (the were still killing my seer council) that could have ended badly. and now he assualted my vypers turn 3 who just laughed and blasted with starcannons.

    But I guess I have to learn to trust bladestorm more now it's just 145 points riding in a serpetn all day.

    Cheers CJ

  3. Nice battle. Congrats.

    I tend to forget that they can assault out of the land raider occasionally too. It's a real nasty trick.

  4. thanks Rkik

    yeah I was surprised by the range 20" is a long way

    Cheers CJ

  5. But I guess I have to learn to trust bladestorm more now it's just 145 points riding in a serpetn all dayAnd that's why I've started running Dire Avengers as a Vehicle Upgrade (DAVU). 5 DA in a HoloFalcon. They almost never bother getting out of the tank. Works quite nicely and it's a good place to pick up another Bright Lance for an all mech army.

    Your experience is exactly why I run my non-Destructor Jetlocks with Singing Spears too...

    Also, I disagree on the Star Cannons. They're great when you're facing Termies, but sub-par for all comers. I'd rather have overwhelming volume of fire since it works against hordes too. But then again, I also hate Vypers... :p

  6. hahahaha Well people seem to always go for the most extreme ;)

    But I haven't toughed about the 5 Dire Avenger Package that's actually a very good idea! WelL I can see why you don't like Starcannons but I love them with all the FnP creatures out their the Ap2 makes killing them a piece of cake :).

    Cheers CJ

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  8. Never played Black Templars, so it was an interesting read for me. I think I still would have faith in the Dire Avengers and the jetbikes. The bikes are great for objective holding. I have seen a lot of reports of people just hiding them for the whole game and then zipping them to objectives.


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