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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey there blog readers,

had my first ever tournament saturday and It was a lof of fun! got my butt kicked in al 3 games but learned a lot about my army and other armies. In the end I scored 20 points out of a possible 60 battle points which concidering my inexperience with the army was good enough for me. I had some though opponents and my limited knowledge of other armies hurt me a lot. I didn't have time to make notes or take pictures but I'll try to recap some of the battles I had for you to read.

I took the following list:

1 x Farseer (Doom, Fortune, Jetbike and spear)
6 x warlocks (4Destructor, 1 Embolden, Enhance)

2 x 6 Jetbikes (with 2 schurikan cannons)

2 x 2 Vypers (with Starcannons)

10 x Dire avengers (with Bladestrom, Dualcat Exarch)

1 x Wave Serpent(stones, Brightlances)

2 Fire Prisms (1 with stones, both Holofields)

Chaos Space Marines (2-18 Major loss) Annialation

list: Dual Lash Deamon princes, 2 x 8 Beserkers (with PF champion Rhino), 1 x 9 Beserkers (with PF champion, Rhino), 5 lesser eamons, 4 oblits and 2 Vindicators

First opponent was Nico, after the game I came to found out he was the best player in the Netherlands for 3 years running and he had a nasty list to boot. the game was a total bust with me misjudging the power of lash and rhino rush. combine this with a totall bust in shooting which resulted in nothing going down I basicly got my ass handed to me in turn 2 with him charging my Seer council with beserkers and khorn deamons. I lost my Runes of warding in that combat with my seer council falling under a PF weilding Champ (a returning thing in game 3). after that it was a lost game I just couldn't run away far enough for him not to grab me and taking me apart 1 unit at a time. some more mistakes let to a final KP count of 3-7 in favour of the CSM.

Orks (8-12 Minor loss) Take and Control
list: no clue there was a lot. Battle wagon loads of grots, a Ork dreadnought, Boys, commando's, Copters, and a whole lot more.

Bad deployment and objective placing cost me the game with me only contesting his objective while he claimed mine. I totally misjudged the orks power and waited to long getting in for the kill which cost me the game. I noticed I really need to learn how to play the missions properly. Also a total bust on shooting yet again with my ability to get penetrating hits and then only manage to roll ones!

Blood Angels (10-10 draw) Seize Ground
list: Dante, 10 deathguard, 10 Assault marines( PF sarg) , 10 tac (Lascannon), 10 tac (plasma gun and something else), Landraider with 5 Terminators (4 Lighting claws& 1 PF assaultcannon).

Having to take first turn cost me this game. it started promising with my shooting finally doing something. Killing a lot of models with the twin prism S6 ap 3 large blast and starcannon fire. when the smoke cleared 5 Deathguard and 8 tacticale marines lay dead. The following turn i managed to Instant kill Dante with my S9 ap 2 shot when he failed his invunrable save. after that I made some massive errors. I assaulted his assault marines with the council but got stuck and was counter charged by the LR termies which lost me the council over the next 3 turns resulting in 1 free terminator which took a lot of fire before going down. in the end I was only able to hold 1 objective with my DA serpent with the Landraider just tankshocking my Jetbike squa of the objective to contest. This is where not having the last turn hurt me a lot. So I was only able to get a draw from it. which was a bummer since it looked pretty good turn 3 with everything lined up perfectly. but with the game going to turn 7 I just didn't have enough left to take a win.

All in all I had a nice tournament with a heck of a lot of rule mishaps (machine spirit on the blood angel LR was misused) and my stupid attitude (I actually helpt my BA opponent to win) cost me the games and I went home without a win but a lot of knowledge. Things that where apparent:

- Lash of submission is a pain
- Landraiders are though but even rhino's give me a head acke
- BS 3 is a pretty bad even when it's twinlinked
- Fire Prism are very shaky
- Seercouncils can take a lot of beating but my farseer isn't a terminator lord when he is getting his face bashed in with a Power Fist
- I need to Learn!!!! to play good, made a lot of tactical mistakes placing the Objective in game 2 and getting the DA out of the Serpent against the CSM which cost me another Kill point.

so I guess I need to start getting a lot more games under my belt and start making all you guys proud.

Cheers CJ


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! At least you've learnt something. Btw, the Terminators in the blood angels army shouldn't be able to have lightning claws and an assault cannon - its either all shooty or all CC, no mixtures. Shame you messed up with the objectives tho - i've done that myself and lost literally by an inch!

  2. As long as you had fun and you learned something, then it's all good. Was this your first outing with this host? Keep playing and learning to use this force as it is really one of the rare armies to find out there.

    I played in a Tourney yesterday, the new guard are annoying.... they get lots of options for killing eldar... :(

  3. Nice report.

    Sounds like you learned a lot. Sounds like you played some strong opponents and did well even with the losses. Keep it up, and eventually things will start coming together.

  4. hey guys thanks for the read!

    Siph thanks for telling me about that that was something I didn't know I will be sure to point that out next time I see him and also talk to the organization for not noticing this when they checked the lists. I totally misjudged that mission but it should be ok :)

    Yes Kbelleau it was my first ever outing with the host! and it was a steep learning curve it's very easy to look at Fritz's tactica's an go like I can do that. But in reality it's a heck of a lot harder then that :) but I noticed that in the last game I saw Fritz paterns evolve to bad I ahd first turn otherwise I might have been a nice win.

    But I will keep playing and practicing as much as I can (still hard to get enough games in without a wargaming club)

    Cheers CJ