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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prepering for this weekends tournament

Hello fellow bloggers and followers,

I'm currently hard at work getting the models for my GT army together and was fortunate enough to be invited for a small tournament this weekend so I'm in a mad dash to complete assembly of 1500 of the final 1700 points GT list to enter this tournament.

It will be my first test run with the nightspinners and looking forward to finally seeing them in action on the table top. So I will be taking a partially slimmed down version of the GT list shown on the top left:

Farseer: doom, runes of warding, Spear (Psychic Defence& LD10)
Autarch: fusion gun (Reserve & LD10)

7 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)
7 DA's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,ss)
8 DA's waveserpent (scatterlaser.ss)

5 FD's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,shurikancannons,ss)
5 FD's, waveserpent (scatterlaser,shurikancannons,ss)

Heavy: 250
Nightspinner (ss)
Nightspinner (ss)

Totaal 1497 pts.

big difference 1 DA squad less but 2 pintle mounted shurikan cannons extra on the Fire Dragon rides. Idea behind that is once I drop those off this guy will go gunboating (had the extra points anyway so might as well get some more fire power).

Hoping to see some of the new dexes as I've yet to play against the new blood angels/Wolves or Nids and only had one game against IG. So all in all it should give me some nice practise for the GT. Now I'm just hoping Nightspinners will be allowed at the GT.

I've spend the last 2 days assembling and magnetizing my wave serpents and 2 spinners so there all ready for the tournament and test games but still loose enough so I can take them apart for painting.

I Got to say 7 gravtanks look mighty impressive standing there in my window.

Will keep you update on the tournament!


  1. I don't see why they wouldn't allow the nightspinners. But encase they say no you can just say they are count as fire prisms same points after all.

  2. Good luck to the tourney. I hope you get to use the night spinners at the GT.

  3. Gl mate!, hope we will see a groupshot of your army soon :)

  4. @Silar well it seems that since it was published in the WD it isn't counted as codex legal and that is a reason why most tournaments ban them around here. And yes I can swap them for fire prisms but those are a lot less effective for my battle plan ;).

    @ aleksi thanks mate! will keep you posted on the results, yeah you and me both.

    @ Rasmus Thanks mate, I'm hoping to get my hands on a camera before I go to the tournament but be aware it's fresh assembly so not a whole lot of colour except black and grey ;)