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Sunday, August 1, 2010

1500 points tournament review

Well After sleeping 2,5 hours I headed over to rotterdam and Gamers of the West for the tournament. After a crazy journey, everything that could go wrong did. I arrived late but since it was only a 4 man tournament anyways it wasn't a problem. Besides me with eldar there was a Space wolves player, a tau and a Tyranids player. I took the list I posted in my previews post and got paired with the spacewolves player for game 1

Game 1 Spearhead, capture and controll.

against Space wolves list:
wolfpriest terminator armour living lighting and the difficult terrain power.
3 units of 5 terminators (all have missel launcher 2 units have combi weapons other one powerweapons)
2 missle launcher speeders
6 longangs with 5 missle launchers
and 3 droppods

He dropped the 2 combi weapon terminator units and the logan/priest longfangs (they were made relentless in his shooting phase and fearless in my turns. His misdropped his droppods and I should have won the game from then on. But in the last turn I blew up the landspeeder contesting my objective but it endeded up killing my last claiming Dire Avenger. On the other objective I manageded to fail a LD 10 panic test and ran off the board so after being lined up for a 2-0 win it ended in a 0-0 draw. result 10-10

Next mission was Kill points with pitched battle deployment against the new nids codex (my first time) His list consisted of something like:

2 flying Hive tyrants
2 trygons
1 unit termaguants (10 or so)
1 unit hormogaunts with droppod
1 zoantrhope
1 unit of 8 genestealers

He played the game brilliantly and I made a big mistake. He linned up everything and I was dumb enough te reserve everything I should have just lined up and start shooting those big bugs. But by reserving by time my turn 2 came around he had lined up his entire army at about 12-18' of my deployment edge, so when I came on I was trapped by the terrain and his beasts I managed to kill one Flyrant but not the tygon on the left flank so next turn I was jumped by the Genestealers and and trygon. I instantly los 3 kill points and ended up loosing 11 -3 This game really made me rethink my army list. reulst 18-2 loss

Last game was loot counters with dawn of war deployment. this game was agaisnt a inexperienced Tau player so evened out the playing field a bit since my experience with full mech was less then optimal. we rolled and got 5 counters. Well the deployment really buggered his deployment his list consists something like

1 HQ battlesuit twinlinkked missile launchers
2 twinlinked missle lunchers suits
2 fireknifes

2 units of 12 fire warriors 1 devilfish
2 units of 12 kroot

unit of pathfinders with devilfish

2 broadsides with 4 shield drones
2 hammerheads

This game was over before it began. He claimed 3 objectives straight on but end of the game I had 3 to his 2 objectives giving me a 16-4 win. I only lost a single waveserpent in the prosess he had lost his 2 hammerheads 2 suit teams. I had faced off with his 2 hammerhads broadsides and suit teams on the left side and won so I had the space to claim 3 objectives and was short 5 mm to contest his 2de to give me the 18-2.

in the end I had managed to stay of last place so ended 3 out of four which was fine by me considering my games. after the tournament I had a talk with a friend of mine from germany karnstein (http://thelamentofbavematha.blogspot.com) and I've decided to try a different style list lovingly named Eldar reserve alpha strike:

Yriel 155
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
5 DA Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 195
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
6 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl shurikan cannon 206
9 FD's Waveserpent Spirit stones, tl scatterlaser, shurikan cannon pintle 296
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
Nightspinner Spirit stones 125
1698 pts.

most obvious changes is in the HQ section no seer and Yriel as a CC counter/deterrent. Also I choose to go lighter on the troops section to get more powerfull power in to stand a chance agaisnt the GT style lists. using the FD units to hits the hard tanks or disembarking units from destroyed transports. It also has a lot more S6 shooting per tank with the underslung cannons. In total this list has a total of 22 twinlinked S6 shots, 12 S6 shots, 2 S6 Large blasts and 20 Melta guns.

So comments suggestions are welcome, any questions I'll try to answer them as soon as I can

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