Eldar models

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3D model of the GT display board

Hey people took some time to make a 3D model of the display base. Curious to see what you think :

Click for a Larger Version

I had to change some things a little bit to make it all fit better so the fire dragons are going to be on the forward docks together with the loot counters. The Objective is placed in the center between all the Dire Avengers. The farseer and Autarch are on the deck together with their personal body guard and ride. The nightspinners and their counters are on the right raised area. I'm probably going to paint 1 or to interiors of the waveserpents so I can open them and let them look like they are boarding.


  1. Speechless... just speechless. Wow this project will be the most anticipated project for me on all the blogs... i hope you will make some WIP pictures aswell!

  2. I've got to give it to ya, you incorporated my advice neatly with the bridge/deck. Hope you can give it that craftworldy look to it

  3. thanks Zacret Unfortunately I don't have a camera and the build is post phoned until I play test the list a little but the general layout should stay roughly the same. I will try to get some pictures while I build it :).

    Thanks Irongollem hope that by using mdf I can shape the pillars nice and wraithbone like. Colours and texture on the floor are very different problems, any suggestions