Eldar models

Friday, June 4, 2010

GT points

With regards to the GT I'm looking at my army and see where I can make adjustments and plan so I can get as much as I can. So let's see where we can score some points pregame:

Painting points (0-30) a big part of the pregame points is painting which is split up in several aspects.

Basing (0-4): Here I hope to get 4 points but it's going to take some effort since it needs to be more than just simple sand and flock so some work to be done here! some nice plasticard cobblestones and other detailing. This also include Flying bases so have to make sure those are based and painted as well

Detailing (0-10): This is the real painting technique point, things like Highlighting blending and such as well as overall clean painting are rated here, with my current plan I should be able to get another 4 to 6 points on this one (10 point is very close to golden daemon level here). The army is going to be painted with highlights and if time permits some glowing eyes as well. Think Saim Hann scheme but replace the red with purple. So Purple bodies with white helmets and Black viziers, green eyes and gems. The grav tanks will most likely have some airbrushing on them.

Army Coherency (0-4): How does your army fit together look wise. Does it seem like a coherent looking army Do characters fit but stand out at the same time? here I should be getting 4 points since I plan to keep everything with the same scheme with subtle differences in model and color for the 2 different aspects. The Theme for the army is Spacey so dark purple infantry with galaxy scenes on the gravtanks. The theme will also come back in the unit markings

Unit markings(0-6): Well first of if you have any system of squad markings you can easily get 4 points. I hope that by using Dire Avenger Flags on each unit as a center point for unit marking and markings on each model to tie the units in together. I plan to mark them on the back tabards of the Dire Avengers which the Fire Dragons will also receive! Furthermore some subtle markings like different patterns on the Dire Avengers Mohawks and the gems should be enough for 6 points.
I'm using the Lunar cycle as unit markings because I think it fits the dark and spacey feel of the army:

Conversions(0-6): I plan to convert my Farseer to hold a Dark Eldar cold one flag as a marking for both him and the army (looks like a larger version of the Dire Avenger Flag). Furthermore I'm converting my Yriel model with a Fusion gun. I'm also giving my Fire Dragons some Dire Avenger tabards. This together with some raised squad markings on my transports using plasticard should get me about 2 to 4 points for conversions.

Non-Painting points (0-20) After painting points there are some more points which include WYSIWYG which is judged harshly and points for army roster.

Army presentation(0-5): This is where your army list comes into play it should at least have all the units and their rules and stats. I'm going to use my superior Photoshop skills to turn it into something special and make sure It's going to have the Wow factor to get max points here.

WYSIWYG(0-15): These are easy points to get, just make sure all the things are shown where needed! This is even includes grenades all though those are usually ignored if everything else is in order. so should be 15 points right there.

all in all a lot of things to take into account to score a good amount of points. I predict I'll be around 30 to 38 points give or take judge's temper. But I'm also planning to make a carrying case which includes a display board which should help me get in the judges favor. Combine this with some nice Nightspinner filament markers and some nice army themed Objective counters (star observatory style or something).


  1. Sounds like some interesting work ahead for you. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. It is indead a lot of work ahead of me and I have to redo some old stuff since I started on my Fire dragons with red :P