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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GT Display Board Concept

Hey everybody not being able to paint or build because my hand still in a cast (broke it, long story) I decided I'd think up a concept for a GT display base about 30 Min of Illustrator madness gave me this graphic for me to show you:

So what do you think? the risen area's will house the Nightspinners and their counters. while the main mass of the army in inside a grav tank courtyard. The light curved area is going to be some slate or tile work. The base of the grav tanks will be also be sunk in the board and all bases will match their surroundings. The lootcounters and objective will most likely be some sort of Planetarium display like this but then more eldar style off course:


  1. Looks to have great potential.

    But 8 grav-tanks? Just how many points is this army for?!?

  2. 1700 points :)army list is in 2 posts below this one: http://dragonriderhost.blogspot.com/2010/06/preparations-for-my-first-gt.html

    It's a gt list so wanted a bit of a punch and I love gravtank design!

    thanks for the comment hope I can make this beautiful!

  3. I love the idea, i hope you will post the finished work!

  4. thanks posted my 2the concept as well which do your prefer?

    I will most definitely post my finished work :)!

  5. The second one will indeed be much more challenging, but on the other hand if you can make it work and look realistic, it will wow any judge. The time you have to put into the 2nd will be very high but wow if you succeed it will make your army stand out in a similar way as resin bases makes models stand out compared to normal GW bases. Points or no points for it, i am sure it will affect the judges in a very positive way ;)

  6. thanks zacret I think the 2de one is indeed very nice. It should be easy enough to make only the surface texture is a bit difficult. simple plasticard tilework should be doable but very labour heavy.

    any suggestions

  7. Sadly my terrain crafting skills are pretty much none existent, one of the reasons why this project fascinates the living shit outta me. Im very curious on to how you will attack this project. The idea is mind blowing.