Eldar models

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GT Display Board Concept II

Since sleeping isn't working out I thought I'd make up a second lets symmetrical and more story telling Display board. This one is an Eldar Space port with the host getting ready to depart to reclaim a maiden world:

The darker area's are lowered so the grav ranks don't blok the view to the infantry standing behind it. the raised tower would be made with MDF and can be taken apart., for flat packing.

so what do you think?

Edit: Grass version:


  1. I prefer this because of the incorporation of a more 3d element. The tower would make the board stand out better than the average display board, and I'd wager it would score you a few extra points as well.

  2. Hey 39.999 I figured as much :) it does look nicer. do you like the space docs Idea? with the partially lowered Serp
    nts. bit of a challenge because I need to make it so I can flat pack it (the displayboard is the lit on my army case).

    Don't know if there is actual points for displayboards but it should help the judge nudge into a higher point score on other facets.

    any suggestions on what kind of floor structure I can use to make the bases interresting? I could just make the basic level of the board grass terrain with the docs being plated or wraithboned.