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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nightspinner Tactica

As you have all probably heard by now the new Eldar tank has hit the scene and boy is it a piece of work. A short recap of its stats and rules for the people that don't have the White Dwarf:

Night Spinner

Twin-linked Doomweaver: 12-72" S:6 AP: - Heavy 1, Large Blast, Barrage, Rending

Place a marker next to any unit hit. Any such units count as being in difficult and dangerous terrain the next time they move for any reason. After they have competed their next movement, remove the marker.

Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult, BS:3 , 12/12/10, Fast, Skimmer, Tank

It's priced the same as a Fire Prism it takes the same HS slot but it's not the same and I'm glad it isn't. The most obvious thing is the difference in weaponry since the rest is the same as every other Falcon based chassis.

The main weapon has decent stats and fills a decent anti horde role. Rending giving you some you a decent chance to inflict some casualties on MeQ's en the likes as well. I personally love having a Large Blast twin-linked weapon. Giving you a decent chance to hit your target even when shooting without line of sight when your BS has no influence.

Now most people are quick to say it's a useless unit because it would have to replace the Fire Prism. I like the fire Prism but with the large amounts of cover saves. Now a day's most of its effectiveness is lost. And Night spinners work great on their own with their standard twin-linked and S6 large Blast it's better at taking on some large groups.

All this is great but where it really shines is the special rule it has. Every unit hit by the template is treated like being in difficult and dangerous terrain the next time they move for any reason (this also means failing a panic check, Assaulting, or having to move out of the way after a tank shock). The great advantage of Dangerous terrain tests ignore cover save, armour saves and FnP saves. This is a whole lot better in my humble opinion then any low AP weapon with the cover saves of the current meta game.

Besides the dangerous terrain it's also going to slow your opponent down which is great in the current game of moving towards objectives. Slowing down all infantry models and a chance to immobilize a vehicle. And don't forget barrage means pin checks which is just about the best thing to have in the current meta! A full turn lost doing absolutely nothing is going to drive you opponent crazy.

Now let's see if we can think of some nice tricks, I personally like a trick I like to call

the Bunnies in the Headlight:

This is a great trick against the smart guy that thinks oh well if I can just stand still to avoid the damage I will do so. This is usually the case with gunline armies. The trick to handle this is to get your grav-tanks into effect. 24"tank shocks can hit a lot of units and force panic checks. So if you see he is keeping his units stationary shoot up his units hitting multiple units. Then prepare a tankshock, preferably a weapon less tank or otherwise less then optimal tank, and make a flank move. Then lay it on him tank shock as many units as possible and make sure you can park it on a unit so you force all of them to move as well. The unit that has to move out of the way has to take dangerous terrain checks. all the others need to make panic checks which if failed will cause them to take wounds when they run.

It's just one of many things you can do with this great new unit any tricks or things you have cooked up are off course more than welcome to share them here.


  1. Awesome post! I love tank shocking these days, and some of my usual opponents have grown to hate it.

    I have one Nightspinner of my own, I just haven't tested it yet, but I can definitely see how the web and tankshock combo could cause a lot of trouble - that's a dangerous terrain test just for moving out of the way! I hadn't actually thought of that - thanks for sharing, and I hope to try this soon :)

  2. Hey iggy thanks mate happy to help :)!

    The question I have is if you move through the unit but not stay on it (when the models have to move). would the other units count as having moved to get out the way of the tank? Since you normally wouldn't move these models.

    Even without this the possibility of a lost leadership test with them running is good aswell.

    I love the spinner because of it's low direct damage output people tend to ignore it in favour of something else.

    Cheers CJ