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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conversion Holofields

Hello bloggers, after my 2 games today I noticed I could use holofields on my fire Prisms. So after discussing it with my friend and rampaging my bits box we came up with this conversion. It uses the Wave Serpent energy field generators on the turret to show my Holofield generators.

Fire Prism and Nightspinner

Fire Prism



  1. what I have seen people do for halo fields is cut down those vines and just have the crystal.because in all fairness those are energy shields

  2. Well I love the look of the energy shields and the position of the generators will not confuse opponents. And besides that the 2 types are pretty similair in effect (fluff wise) so I think it should work.

    And cutting off the fins would just leave ugly bumps on a otherwise smooth turret.