Eldar models

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some pictures of Yriel 2.0

Hey bloggers small update I have some pictures of my minor Yriel Conversions. Just to remind you this is how the model normally hits the table:

Now this is my (yet to be painted) Yriel (Click on pictures for larger versions)

I Changed the Spear to the one from the High Elves Noble Kit

I chopped of the original base and replaced it with something
more fitting with the rest of the army. Also the flags are Dire Avenger flags
which can be removed for easier transport

I reworked the Right arm a little, I separated the Force Shield panels to get
a more dynamic look I think it makes the model a lot more detailed.

Well I hope you like it, I know it's not the most spectacular conversion but I think it works.


  1. Very cool! Looking forward to the painted piece!

  2. Thanks mate! The current painting sheme I have planned for this guy is Purple armour like the rest of the army with the claok being Black on the inside and White on the outside all though the otherway around might be nice as well.