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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry for the lack or reports

Hey Bloggers,

sorry for the lack of battlereports of the battles played this Saturday my PC went Emo Blue on me Sunday so spend all day trying to get it working again.

But a short note on the battles we played a Lootcounter mission using the special claim rules and the terrain rules of the slash and burn mission (the GT Mission Rules). This mission was a really close game and actually saw me take the win (after the game was a draw for most of the time) with some great tankshocking and movement. 3-1 win Objectives But this was a game where we forgot a lot of special rules making this mission a bit weird.

The Deathwing

Eldar assault

The battle for the 3th Objective

So after a close win we decided to play a normal pitched battle annihilation mission. This was by far on of the worst games I've ever played every die was exactly the opposite from what I wanted. Lost 3 tanks turn two because I failed 3 cover saves at rolls of 3 when I needed 4 (the agony). The game just went south from there with the fire dragons getting stuck out in the oppen without transports and the fireprisms stunned or destroyed leaving me with little punch and a lost game at 7(or 8) to 2


Eldar Swingwing

Getting hammerd!

Wrecks Everywhere

Detailed reports will be up as soon as I can! together with some pictures :) followed shortly by my reports on the Doubles tournament Coming up this Saturday!


  1. That is one heck of a beautiful deathwing army. Sounds like it was just the dice that betrayed you in that second game.

    Good luck into the Doubles torunament

  2. Indeed it is :) I always feel ashamed playing against it unpaintend.

    The dice where ons trike in the second game I couldn't roll anything higher then a 3! failed 2 dangerous terrain tests (one on Yriels ride) which just left me stranded.

    Thanks! :)

  3. Nice report, does seem like the dice failed you in the second game. I know for a fact that I need to do more battle reports on my blog also. I just get so wrapped up in the game that I forget to take photo's lol.

  4. hey silar, thanks mate. I hope my dice will come back to loving me at the upcoming tournaments because games like that really break your spirit. It gets so frustrating when no matter what you do the dice fail you like rolling 4 1's out of 4 running checks.

    Yeah i ussually forget to take pictures as well the last game has like half the pictures because I just wanted to get the game over with!

  5. It happens - at my club, I can't pass a morale check to save my life even with Embolden up :p

    Good luck in the Doubles, kick some ass!

  6. hahha that happened to me once, I had a Embolden seer council that managed to loose combet and failed to rally on 3 turns (that's 6 failed ld 10 tests :P) I guess bad dice just happen sometimes.

    The main annoyance is that no matter how good you play if your dice fail you there is nothing you can do to stop getting run over.

    Thanks mate we hope to have a lot fun, and maybe win some games :) (Reports maybe, Pictures Probably)