Eldar models

Friday, September 3, 2010

Preparing for a day of gaming!

The gaming table set-up for tomorows games, my mate will bring some extra terrain pieces so we can have about 25% coverage (little under 25% at the moment). I will try to take some pictures and give you guys a battle report when possible:

The army in it's current state (the Dire avengers are headless since they are primed white and will be added after the models are done):


  1. Thats a hell of alotta Waveserpents!!!! Damn the speed of that army would make my catachans piss themselves lol! Looking forward to the Batrep mate!

  2. hahaha it's only 6 :P oh and 2 Fire Prisms ;)It's not called a Gravtank army because it's gravy.

    It's at my house so I hope I can make sure to take some pictures to show off my opponents amazing army