Eldar models

Sunday, March 29, 2009

all most 500 pts.

Hey guys little upgrade again,

getting ready for my first game with Saim Hann tomorrow so started some assembly on my vypers and glued the canopies to the bikes. Tomorrow I'll get my small flying bases and more bikes and HE mage kit for my conversions.

all most 500 points:

Guardians ready to become badass bikers:

Hopefully the game goes well and I can finally try these speed daemons. Going to be against Eldar or Space Wolves. Thanks to Fritz I have a nice game plan now I just need to learn to use it!

The List I will be loosing is the following one:

6 Jetbikes with 1 shuriken canon: 142 pts.
6 Jetbikes with 1 shuriken canon: 142 pts.

3 Vypers with Scattterlasers & Shuriken canon: 210 pts.

should be a nice list to work with speed and coversave techniques. Will let you know how it went off course. So stay tuned!

Cheers CJ