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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First Steps

Hello all of you out there. This is my little blog on my newest and fastest army. After readying the way of Saim hann blog from Fritz I got thinking about starting up a new 40K army. Having played a pretty slow and super resilient army (Necrons) I figured I might aswell go the other way. And so I decided to start a Saim Hann play style army, But with a new look.

After looking around in the codex and reading the existing fluff I figured I could make some for my own style of army. So instead of the standeard fluff story I designed my fluf
f and army style around the concept of dragons. They seem to have a very mystical look and feel to them which is something I wanted to bring to my Eldar army. So after making some sketches and looking at some colour shemes I came up with the following concept for my Jetbikes.

Farseer Jetbike:
Warlock/Guardian Jetbike:
( my apologies for the sketchy pictures but I like to hand draw my stuff)

This will be the main style in my army and will also find it's way onto my vypers and Fire Prism which are also in my first 1K list. So Keep a look out for some updates soon as I will be sculpting the First Bike soon.

Cheers CJ

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