Eldar models

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First battle evaluation.

500 Pts. Combat patrol

Beside that I also had my 1ste Battle today against another eldar army unfortunatlly no pictures (forgot to grab the camera). which is a same because the Eldar of my friend are beautiful I'll probably get you some pictures of them someday.

as for the battle it was very weird and strange to have so much movement at my dispossel. combined with the sheer fire power of my list it was always a trade of to either move or shoot.

His list consisted of 2 x8 DA with exarch with dual shuri and blade storm and 5 warpspiders with exarch with dualcats, and an exarch with a warppack and fusion gun.

Mine was 2 x 6 Jetbikes with 1 Shuricanon and 3 vypers with shuricanons and scatterlasers.

the game was a Dawn of war deployment and with the objectives. In short the game was pretty hard for me it being my 2 5th ed game and 1ste Saim Hann game. I tried to get the moust out of my shooting but because I wasted a lot of movement getting away from cover to get a Clear LOS I usually had to move more then 6"and couldn't fire the Shuricanons on my vypers. in the End I managed to kill 1 DA unit and his Warpspiders with Autarch unit. I lost 6 Bikes in the proces (damm that 18"shooting from DA is annoying). I still had 2 units of bikes and all my vypers with 2 more turns to go so he called the game in my favour as it was time to get some Food.

Lessons learned:
- learn to eyeball distances better!
- 21 Shots at S6 is nasty!
- Warpspiders are fast, Be Carefull!
- Blade storm is as scary as I thoughed it would be!
- Don't hide to much since it costs a lot of movement to get clear LoS next turn!

overall a very nice first game which left me wondering how I am going to learn all this. It's hard to controll all that speed and balance it with shooting at the same time. All I can say is that I have even more respect for all you Saim Hann players out there. It's a lot harder then it looks

Cheers CJ


  1. Well next game when you get a little bit better you should be able to laugh at his puny 18" shooting. Cannons shoot 24" for pete's sake, and then you get to hop back safely out of range. Whittle them down for a round or two then pounce in for the kill with catapults.

    Congrats on the win, I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey Core,

    Thanks for hopping in and be the first to comment the battle. I really had a hard time getting to grips with the army. was my second time ever playing against Eldar and my 1 Saim Hann game.

    It was hard to use my movement to fullest because I didn't know where to go with it. Also the 4 by 4 foot board is going to be very annoying to play on. His warpspiders and Dire Avengers managed to get me into a corner which left me with no room to run to which was rather annoying.

    So hope next games will be better. and I can better use my speed to my advantage not disadvantage. I also need to be more careful in how I Place my terrain pieces they cost me a lot of movement getting around them for LoS.

    Cheers CJ