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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My 1K armylist

Hey guys just wanted to share my 1K list with you. This is the list I will be working towards for the time being. so without further chatter here it is:

1K Siam Hann

Farseer: 160 pts.
Jetbike, Doom, Fortune, stone

Warlock retinue: 275 pts.
5 warlocks, Jetbike, Destructor

Well I just loved the idea of a mounted Seer council so I decided to make on like Fritz over at way of Saim Hann. It's got all the toys it needs for 1K list challenges. Zoom and Boom is the main plan behind this unit, it's survivability is pretty good with Fortune and Doom combined with the Destructor Templates should be a Lot of fun. these guys are the Main shock element in my army.

6 Guardian Jetbikes: 142 pts.
1 schuriken canons

6 Guardian Jetbikes: 142 pts.
1 schuriken canons

well Here is the Troops section of my army. Cheap and fast, I choose to drop the 2de canon in favour of my 5th warlock. These guys should be speeding across the Field and enjoying there 3+ cover save.

2 Vypers: 120 pts.
2 Scatter Laser

Well these guys are there to haras and kill some Light tanks. they can still move fast at and claim some end game objectives.

Fire Prism: 160 pts.
Holofields, spirit stones

Main anti horde weapon. also pretty survivable and High S shot are nice for shock and awe. Off course nothing is nicer then Hitting his Termies at S9 Ap2 without partials!

Well that's the list I'm working at the moment Suggestions and comments are welcome but nothing to radicale. Hope you guys think I stand a chance.

Cheers CJ


  1. Hey mate, I walked through your door via The Astronomican. Your blog is looking great so far! I don't know much about Eldar but that list looks pretty promising. I look forward to your future work


  2. thank you very much for the complements 73rd! yes Conor from The Astronomican was nice enough to give me a little bump in the blog community. Nice to see there is a lot of intrest in this project keeps me very motivated.

    So stay tuned as I will be working hard on this project.

    Cheers CJ

  3. Great stuff. As a fellow Saim-Hann, and a High Elf/Dark Elf player, the idea of a Dragon host really inspires me.

    I saw your blog on Way of Saim-Hann. Your armylist looks very good, but I have some suggestion. If you drop destructor from one of you Warlocks and give it Embolden, your Farseer will almost never fail a Psychic test.

    Also, if you have 6 jetbike, it really benifits you to have 2 shuricannon. I would try to find the points (maybe drop some destructors, remember Warlocks don't have to have a power)

  4. well I'm pretty short on points as it is. the Embloden is pretty good I know that combined with the ghost helm should ensure clear casting.

    it would give me enough points to drop another template for either Enhance (which is nice when attacking Spacemarines and the like since warlocks still only have I4)

    or take 2 extra schurikan canons on my bikes. I think it depends on how I will be using my bikes if the are speeding around a lot they might nog need it. I guess these changes are pretty subtile and I think I will get them play tested when I get the army at this lvl so I can try to see what it can do.

    thanks for your suggestions hadn't though of the Embolden gift but now I see it it pretty much ensure clear casting all the way. And some extra S6 shots would be nice aswell

    Cheers CJ