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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tales of the "Dragon Rider Host"

My First ever fluff story:

“Dragon Riders Host”
There exist in the Eldar mythic cycles a tale known as the Days of Cleansing.
In the ages long ago the Eldar shared their immortal lives with the cosmic dragons. These two life forms had lived in symbyosis for eons. This eventually led to a common bond of immortal being and understanding. But it was not always so.

After an eternity of mutual life the Eldar enjoyed the eternal trust of the dragons. To the Eldar the dragons were like mothers to a young and vital baby, but in the end true communication was impossible. However, the Farseer Aray’eh managed to link his spirit to one of the dragons. The dragon turned out to be on of the most elder of this race, henceforth named Far’oz’arialoth’de’kahe'arinatoc (meaning He Who Was First At The End Of The None) by the eldar. This linking of spirits meant that the Eldar could finally communicate with the dragons and eventually led to an age of true understanding and respect. And after some time the dragons paid the Eldar the ultimate respect: the right to ride on their back.

The linking of spirits that was needed for this communication was a dangerous ritual. This meant the Farseer or warlock had to go into the ethereal lair of the dragon and to live through Cleansing flame. This was the dragons way of knowing if the person in front of her was worthy of her knowledge. The ritual of the cleansing flame was both physical and mental: when the Eldar presented himself to a dragon she would engulf them in flames testing his psychic endurance and bodily stamina. This was not without risk, if the fire deemed the aspirant unworthy he would be burned alive.

This meant that only a small number of eldar would gain this bond. However when linked with a dragons spirit a great many secrets would be revealed to the Eldar. Tales of ages before the eldar existence would be seen in the spirit world with the dragons revealing the source and being of the Eldar.

These days of old would later been known as the Days of Cleansing as they brought about an age of wisdom and understanding.

However the Heavens were brewing with turmoil. The great war between Khaine and the Eldar began and in the coming fall the Dragons fought alongside the Children of Isha and Vaul in an attempt to beat the Bloody Handed One. But the dragons where no match for Khaine and their Cosmic shape was distorted beyond reason and they thrown from this plane of existence.

At the end of the war the eldar where still victorious but at a terrible cost. The had lost their dragons allies for ever. Their homes were burning with the blood of the dragons. Eventually the Eldar where able to rebuild their homes and temples but where forced to life out their days without the guidance of the Dragons.

But they would always honour their fallen Dragon brethren and the lives they gave to keep the eldar race from the brink of destruction. Until this day no one knows what ever happened to the Farseer Aray’eh and his dragon twin Far’oz. It is believed they still roam the skies in the Heavens, for ever keeping a watchful eye on the Dragon Rider Host.

“The Cleansing”
Since it is believed the great war had ended the age of the dragons the initiation ritual of the Host is impossible to carry out. But as a ritual, this was still of great importance to the dragon riders who had taken the Dragon as their symbol. The warlocks of the host, however, had been studying the dragons breath for ages and had found that they could do something similar.
They managed to create a psychic flame that would enter the very spirit of the person that gets hit by it. If the flame would find any corruption or evil thought the person would burn from his spirit to his flesh. For ever marking him as unworthy.

But if the candidate was pure of heart and soul he would emerge from the flames unscathed. After this they would be granted the honour of joining the dragon riders. After his initiation the candidate would be given a new spirit name to symbolise his rebirth from the blaze. This new name and rune now serve to identify him to his kinsmen

“The Dragon Bike”

In of their eternal protectors the Eldar of the Dragon Rider Host use Jetbikes covered in the Scales of the Dragons. These scales are said to protect they eldar when they enter the field of battle. So even in the days still to come the dragons will soar along the skies as they did in ages past.

In further deference the Farseer leader of every generation of the Host Aray’mal assumes the soul name Aray’eh and rides a bike made to resemble the legendary Dragon Lord Far’oz’arialoth.

I hope you guys liked it, and that it got you intrested to stay around.

Cheers CJ

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