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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dragon Jetbike

Hey there people just completed the first prototype Jetbike for my dragon army

like all things it starts with an Idea and like you might have read in the first post and in the fluff my bikes are modern day dragons. After the First sketches I had to come up with some Paint shemes that would with the style and feel of the Bike. This resulted in going from this:

to this:

As you can see I still used the main Saim Hann colours Black and red. Eventually the rest of the model (read the rider) will also contain some white elements. But for now the bike will be Black and red. After making this decision I started the sculpting on the Bike and after first trying some Patches of greenstuff to work out a technique that looked good and was fast and easy I came up with the following Sculpt:

First Greenstuffed Jetbike

It took longer then expected and was a bit rough, but considering I have very little Greenstuff experience it was a Steap learning curve. But in the end I was pretty happy with it and decided it just needed colour before I could judge then end result. So Yesterday I took a day from school and sat down to paint it. It was a bit of a strugle since it had been a while since I last painted, but in the end the result was pretty decent. And this resulted in this Bike:

First Painted Jetbike

So what do you guys think of this paintscheme and sculpt? even though I'm pretty set on it comments and Suggestions are more then welcome.

Cheers CJ


  1. I really like the look of those bikes, and how they fit in with the theme of the army. My one comment, and this is meant purely in a constructive sense is that perhaps you could offset the scales, so they appear to overlap rather than form a diamond pattern, my first impression was that it was that stitched leather often found on chairs.
    Otherwise awesome, look forward to seeing more

  2. Nice work. Better than I could do...

  3. That's friggin awesome! Well done mate! Can't wait to see an entire army of that!

    -come over to www.the25mmwarrior.blogspot.com and vote for what you want me to do next!-

  4. I love the painted pic, but the green model itself looks a bit messy. There was a tutorial I did for Chaos Dwarfs awhile back that might be able to help you out as well


    The other benefit is that once you get the tool and a little practise it goes REALLY fast, which will be nice considering how many you'll need to do!

  5. Hey Grimsnikk that's exactly how I did it aswell. I kinda messed up on the canapie because the greenstuff was to thick but as you can see on the Jetengine covers it went a lot better.

    It's also a case of practise I haven't greenstuff more then some gaps in my previous projects so it's a big change to fully sculpt things.

    Thank for the suggestion though! I appreciate it very much that you took the time to find your tutorial and post it here.

    Cheers CJ

  6. nice, gonna have to keep an eye on this blog, great idea and everything get's better with practice, how are you planning on variating the warlocks jetbikes?
    i suppose instead of the normal wings at the back you could try greening some dragon wings maybe? just a suggestion great work though

  7. Thanks peter great to see so many people liking this Idea!

    Ass for the warlock bikes the bikes themslefs are going t be pretty much the same but the warlocks themselfs will eb made with high Elves mage kits therfor there Huge amount of cloth will be enough distingtion as for there awesomeness! The farseer will be made using the Archmage bits to and he will have the Dragon Head. The sketch for that can be seen in the Introduction post.

    Cheers CJ