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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back from Ducosim 12 December

After a long day of gaming followed by a good night of drinking beer and talking about the games I come back bearing some results. After a hard day of gaming me and my partner managed to take a tied 3 place with 2 other teams which was pretty good since I missed 6 points due to basing and painting. (damm it would have paid to be painted ;) ) But It was still a great day of gaming and making top 3 made it my best tournament result to this day!

We had some really nice games and we made loads of pictures, I will update those in future posts when I get them from my team mate. But first a short recap. (Forge world was allowed except super heavies and Flyers)

Game one: Seize ground, 3 objectives, pitched battle
against: Khan SM & Pedro SM
score: 20-0 Massacre

This game became all about bad luck for the space marine players I guess the Warp energy was bent in our favour with some incredible feats of luck for us. In the end they only had some some random stuff and pedro left but without any objectives and 400+ vp in our advantage the Seerwing took the game with a overwhelming massacre. MVP was the Scatterlaser serpent and assault cannon terminators. We managed to pop a lot of Rhino's with the S6 shooting effectively killing their mobility and winning us the game fairly easy.

Game two: Kill points, spearhead
against: IG & Daemon Hunters (with IG)
score: 6-14 minor loss

This was the game where I was pissed there was forge world allowed. I also witnessed the annoyance of the old Psychic hood fortune didn't go off until till turn 7. This list features 3 vendetta's and a Forge World Vulture. we were completely outgunned and even out manoeuvred. The Deamonhunter's brought up a assassin which killed a guardian jetbike unit in a single turn but got killed in return. but after that we just didn't seem to get a brake failing to get kills on the vulture or vendetta's they kept shooting us up from a distance we ended up loosing 5-8 Killpoints

most annoying unit in the game: Vulture with it's 20 Twin linked shots and the Inquisitor with the psychic hood.

Game three: Take and Hold, Dawn of war
Against: Droppod SM, Droppod black templar
score: 10-10 Draw

This was the last and the best game of the tournament. We had some great fun and laughs during the game. opponents where just as laid back and willing to play a good game as we were. Being droppods we choose to reserve everything which turned out to be a good thing since they had the Dreaghnought assault droppods form the imperial armour. They droppod a lot of crap on our objective forcing us to have to clean up a lot of contesting droppods and dreadnoughts and they castled up around their objective. In the end the game went to turn 7 and ended in a perfect draw. Cool game we just kept failing to contest their objective with all the fast stuff getting taken out or stuck in prolonged CC.

All in all a nice tournament lot of very hardcore lists (2 very nasty Daemon lists and IG vulture spam) which dominated top spots but because we had some good games and a lot of pre game points we still managed to get into the top. We shared the third spot with the droppod army and 1 of the daemon players (which won best painted with the Nurgle part of the doubles army).

Stuff for the Future, GET PAINTING! I keep loosing out on painting points which hurts my overall performance I'm a decent player and I think I know how to play with my army but I just keep getting hammered in the end due to usually missing out on about 15 or so points of painting (in the 1700 single player tournaments). I might skip the next one and go to the one after that with a hopefully painted army by then.

Hope you enjoyed this little debriefing hopefully I can get my hands on the pictures soon and Ill try to give you some more detailed reports on the games with some visuals

Cheers CJ


  1. Sounds like it was alot of fun. I bet next time you will have your army painted? I guess at the very least you could of held third to yourself or even of made 2nd what a shame.

  2. Yeah it was a shame indeed 2de team 100 first one 102 so that wouldn't have been any different. But yes we could have taken 3th for ourself and then we would have gotten a 3th place plaque but because it was 3 teams they decided to drop 3the place because they didn't have 3 plaques:(.

    So probably gone stay away from the tournament until I have more finished I feel ashamed turning up with the army in it's current state.

    Cheers CJ

  3. Very good report, thanks for sharing mate. I can sympathise about the Inq Physic hoods, they are an absolute *PAIN* to deal with.

    Its very odd to see any event allow FW stuff, you were very unlucky there. Still, you got a good result and seemed to have a lot of fun. Good job :)

  4. Hey sovietspace,

    yeah we had some though love from forgeworld stuff but I guess it's cool people can use those models on a tournament once in a while. If only Eldar had some cool stuff ;)

    Psychic hood was total cry for me. kept rolling bad for the leadership roll offs just horrible luck I guess. Still nice end position and lot's of fun in the other 2 games.

    I will get some more speciffic battle reports up later today and this week I hope.

    Cheers CJ