Eldar models

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ducosim 12 December vs. Imperial guard/ DaemonHunters

Game two: Kill points, spearhead
against: IG & Daemon Hunters (with IG)
score: 6-14 minor loss

The second game was a Killpoint mission with spearhead deployment against a Vendatta heavy combo of Imperial guard and Daemon hunters. This was by far the most frustrating game in the entire tournament. I faced the nemesis of my army, the Vendetta's and Vulture could match my speed and outgunned me completly.

We started with everything in reserve because we knew that we would get hammerd if we we had set-up the whole army. In hind sight it might have been better to do this and hope to get some stuff early on but well that wasn't our plan at the time.

So we reserved everything and they deployed just about everything I believe with only a vendatta in reserve and an assasin.

The begin phase of this game showed us how amazing shooting is from IG when the Belail command squad showed up it was shot down to 3 models (1 of which belail) by the awesome firepower of the skimmers. I got 1 guardain bike squad in the beginning of the game which was whiped out by the assain in one short sweep. netting them the first Kp followed by our first one when my Waveserpent got on and obliterated the assasin.

Mid game showed some more kill points over at our side and thiers. we managed to score some kill point on a transport (I believe a rhino of the Deamon hunter force). they got more Jetbikes and eventually my Fire Dragons and waveserpent after they tried to take out a vendatta which they failed to do ( 3 penatrating melta shots resulted in 1 weapon destroyed and 2 shaken results) in hind sight I forgot to add the +1 for the Ap1 melta so it would ahve been immobilised and stunned but that's my own fault I guess.

The end of the game saw them picking up some more Killpoints while we strugeld to get some ourself. we managed to pick-up a transport and a squad when they tried to plasma the Terminaotrs to death they managed to kill Belail but his squad was stil their with only the assault cannon guy surviving. The seer Council was a big bust this game with the old Psychic hood shutting down Fortune until turn 7 which left them running for cover all moust the entire game but picking up 2 Kill points taking out the squad and transport last turn. we managed to immobilise a vendetta and kill the vulture.


This is where I got a kick in the face, they claimed there flying base was glued on so they couldn't set it on the ground (immobilised) so it kept hovering over terrain which would have blocked it's line of sight if set on the table. But they said the rulebook said it if you can't remove the abse you can keep it on the base. So we let it go , and you know what I happend to see when they where playing at the final table, IT WAS ON THE TABLE. I was so pissed of when I saw that and left me with an even worst taste in my mouth.

We had lost our land Speeder/Serpent/ Fire Dragons/ 2 Jetbike squads/ Belail / and the 2 vindicators giving up 8 Kill Points and they lost a vendatta/vulture/ veteran squad and 2 rhino's leaving us with 5 Kill points. Leaving us with a 6-14 loss and a total of 80 battle points up till now.


  1. The rule of keeping it on the base is fine, but you really should of enforced the fact that it wouldn't be able to see past the building as it's meant to be on the ground...
    It sucks when people cheat in this manner (and as far as I'm concerned, that is cheating). You should have informed the organizer and got the result nulled.

  2. lucky enough they didn't successfully shoot anything with the Immobilized vendetta. But it could have happened, the main thing is the difference in attitude against us and then the guys on the last table. all of a sudden it is on the table. But yes it was a nasty move, but I noticed it to late to bad because it might have gotten us a 12-8 which would have given us 3th place. Guess I need to be even stricter next time .

    Cheers CJ