Eldar models

Friday, December 18, 2009

New additions

Finally got the extra Fire Dragons I ordered. I needed them to get some more Dragons to stay WYSIWYG when I change some stuff. I usually take my Exarch with a normal fusion gun or not at all so I got an extra normal fire dragon made with a flag socket and a new Exarch which will get a fusion gun when I buy an fusion gun autarch for the bit. Unfortunatly while working on the Exarch it broke in half on the waist so glued it together but I hope I can fix it up a bit with some greenstuff because It would be a waste if the model I use the most (normal fusion gun exarch) has a scar on the abodomen. anyways some pictures of the Wip models on their rises.


  1. I'm still using the old Fire Dragon models, and for the sake of WYSIWYG, I always take the heavy flamer for him. It's actually quite a neat trick if you end up taking on 8 marines for example, especially with crack shot. You melt, flame, re-roll and then even charge into combat!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! My first 40k-related video, it's weird when you hear your own voice though, it's like - 'do I sound like that?' :p

  2. That's actually not such a bad Idea Iggy. NEver noticed the wording of crack shot and the reroll to wound thingy that can be pretty damm hard! I have my Fire Dragons in my list to serve as a Tankbuster unit pure sang. so I usually give the a fusion gun exarch with Tank hunter (god I missed that last tournament). because even with Plus 1 for being ap1 I still manage to just stun tanks. Also because I ussually need to go to the tank to bust I normally don't get the chance to charge (moving vehicle). But I do shoot a lot of marines and other giblets with a 3+ or better save that need to die :P.

    I can see how in your games your set-up really payed off for you considering the charge. only thing is that you have to be careful they don't pull out to much models so you miss the charge range. But as an objective cleaners I can see how it would work very well for you.

    Cheers CJ