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Friday, December 11, 2009

Packing up for a tournament, SeerWing goes to town

With my next tournament this Saturday I decided to pack up my stuff. Which includes my above shown mini army. It's only a 1K per player doubles tournament, half of which is my seer Council. So not a whole lot of models (16 Jetbikes, 6 Infantry and 1 Grav tank).

Also in my bag are the essentials:

Tape Measure Dice & Scatter Die Templates Armylist (x2) Recent FaQ Codex Rulebook Objective & Loot Counters

Always a lot of stuff to drag around to a tournament I currently don't own a army case that can fit all my stuff so I always end up taking a extra bag. How do you solve the mass transportation of your tournament gear?

Further more to get my force completly WYSIWYG I have magnetised the Waveserpent soit also has all the upgrades shown; Spirit stones (Glued on since I always take those), Star Engines & the Energy Shield. Also fully magnetised the turret so it can spin but won't fall off during use .

I love magnets! they save me the hassle of transporting a waveserpent with the energy shield generators attached (never fits) also I hate it when stuff falls of when you are playing (turrents and the likes) So therefor I put in my magnets and get some nice playable stuff.

Tournement Point System:

me and my teammate found out that we can collect about 50/55out of a possible 60 pregame points. With a bit of luck our armylists got their in time which nets us a nice 20 points. We both have a WYSIWYG force another 20. And we will probably get about 10 to 15 points for painting and conversion out of 20 ( I need to paint my army :P ).

So we are all ready at a good start with a possible 60 more points out of battle points we hope we will do well.

Anyways that's it for today, will keep you informed on the Tournament outcome.


  1. oh hahaha oni ;)

    I've been at a complete standstill with the hobby except for the ocasional game due to a very busy semester at the university. But since that's clearing up (finally!) I will probably have some more time to finish sculpting the bikes and then maybe even giving them some colour.

    Cheers CJ

  2. So this particular tourney lumps painting and converting into the same category? I presume your partner has a great looking army if you're expecting to pick up 15 points, but even then, it seems lofty.

    Not that your models don't look amazing, but as Oni said--they are looking a little monotone at the moment. For the record though, I'm loving the farseer's bike.

  3. Yeah they have grouped painting and conversions in the same bunch so I think I will get about 3-5 pointts for my extreme amount of conversions and greenstuff work. My Team mate has a well painted army with some nice conversion which should give him about 10 points.

    But for the record painting point regulations aren't very strict in this tournament. It more about good games :).

    Cheers CJ