Eldar models

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ducosim 12 December vs. Space Marines

Game one: Seize ground, 3 objectives, pitched battle
against: Khan SM & Pedro SM
score: 20-0 Massacre
This was a 3 lootcounter game with victory points.

We where playing against a pedro Sternguard army and a Khan biker army. Actually pregame I was pretty impressed by the army it had some decent speed some good shooting and most of all a lot of Space Marines. The game turned into our favour with our opponents rolling 3 1's the first roles giving us the edge and them the first turn. We deployed nothing and his scouts had nothing to shoot at first turn.

Midgame our stuff started coming on and so did theirs but with some great luck we managed to take out 2 Rhino's pretty fast and left them stranded a unit of bikes and Khan and some outflanking rhino marines ended up on the left side Pedro a vindicator and other stuff on the right. Some assualt followed by some epic failing on their cc rolls left me holding a non Powerweapon SM biker unit on the right flank which got mauled by Belail in later turns. The centre was fermly in our grip with the terminaotors and vindicators setting up excelent firelanes. Other Jetbike squad got jumped by the other biker without khan (god knows why he left him out and single on the back of the board. The Jetbikes lost Combat but got away and left the bikes open for a Seer Council counter charge which ended the SM bikes!

End game we managed to pop more Rhino's and left the SM dwindling even more with more VIndicator shots hitting home. I assaulted the straglers on the right flank with the council which was counter charged by Khan but ended up getting routed of the board and with the guardian Jetbikes rallied they made an end run for the left counter. With the terminators on the central two objectives we had all 3 counters and with more then 400 Vp in our favour


  1. Nice battle report mate, bring on the next ones!

  2. Will try to get the next 2 on tonight if possible. Glad you liked the report I know it lacks some detail but it was a long day and I had only slept 3 hours so was kinda blurry ;).

    Cheers CJ