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Saturday, August 21, 2010

GT Rules pack online

So yesterday the GT rules pack for the Dutch with the usual things off course. But also the misions that will be played. So let's have a look and see what it means for me gameplaywise:

DAY 1:
Let’s start things of with an easy one.
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the

Well easy enough standard annihilation mission. not my favourite mission in 40K to say the least. My army should perform reasonably well but I will have to be carefull and forcefull at the same time.

You don’t always get to choose your battlefield,
and sometimes the battlefield is just as dangerous
as your enemy.
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Spearhead (page 93 of the rulebook)
Special rules:
Slash and burn: All pieces of area terrain are
either on fire or a smoking ruin. Before either side
deploys roll a D6 for each piece of area terrain
and refer to the following table:
1-3 Burning: The area counts as dangerous terrain.
4-6 Smoking: Add +1 to the cover save of any
unit in the terrain.
In addition, both burning and smoking terrain
blocks any line of sight that is drawn across and
beyond them.

Well surprise surprise another annihilation mission, however the terrain has some nice extra rules. the smoke ruins will give some nice places to hide units if need be. But most of all I love the LOS blocking, If the Nightspinners will be allowed they will rock in this mission since they can fire out of LoS. It will also narrow the boards terrain where units will go and hide since hiding in a burning ruin will be painful.

Attacking in the middle of the night can give you
the edge you need in battle, just as long as your
enemy doesn’t know you are coming.
Mission: Capture and control (page 91 of the
Deployment: Dawn of war (page 93 of the
Special rules:
The suns red rays
The battle starts at night and the night fighting
rules from the Warhammer 40000 rulebook apply.
Roll a D6 at the end of each player’s turn. On a
roll of a 6 the sun rises and the night fighting
rules are no longer used. (this special rule supersedes
the night fighting mission special rule in the
dawn of war deployment rules)

Another mission that does not suit my army. Beeing shooting alpha strike orrientated Eldar army the nightfighting could potentially ruin my entire army while the new assault codexés will have a freaking field day. They can just run up on you unopposed. Especially the new space wolves with Searchlights on practically every vehicle and acute senses all around will not be to bothered by this at all. Guess it's time for that old trick, I stay on my base with 1 unit and gun everything over on yours when you get close.

DAY 2:
There are times when subtle tactics have to be
thrown overboard and the only way to claim victory
is to head to head with your enemy.
Mission: Seize ground (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the
Special rules:
Stubborn: All non-fearless units on both sides
are treated as having the stubborn universal special
rule when fighting this mission.
Objective secured: if either side has a scoring
unit within 3” of an uncontested objective at the
end of their turn, the objective the objective is
said to have been ‘secured’. A secured objective
counts as being controlled even if the unit that
secured it moves off.
The only way the objective can change hands is
for an enemy scoring unit to ‘secure’ it themselves
(just as described above)
Straight up the middle: Neither side may outflank
in this mission.

This mission will be a very strange one indeed. The capturing rules have been changed and now you can capture a objective without being on there. I can see some potential in this new rule with the Eldar speed just claim a unit and then keep it contested with a non scoring unit and see if something comes in to contest it Kill that and still keep it. All in all a intresting mission that will be a challange.

The question that has been going around is if you can still contest objectives or only claim them.

All good things must end sometimes, let’s go out
with a bang!
Mission: Annihilation (page 91 of the rulebook)
Deployment: Pitched battle (page 92 of the

Well the third Annihilation mission in the tournament it's kind of lame the same mission twice and a slightly modified one.

overall I'm not to happy with the missions but I will just have to see how I can take an eldar victory home anyway!!

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