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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gt Preparations

Hello Bloggers,

Well with The GT not to far away I've compilled some last games in the weeks till the GT,

Upcoming ducosim doubles September 11th. This is mostly a fun tournament where I will be practising with Yriel and his squad of doom. Besides that just some random 40K

GoTW 1700 pts GT preparation tournament September 18th. This tournament is actually tailored to be a GT event trail. We will be playing the 3 non standeard mission from the GT to try out our armies and see how They hold up. This should be some good practise I know that 2 armies there will probably be Terminator based. So should be some tough competition.

Fanatic Leiden October 9th, This is a new tournament for me, Some cool missions. One where your 3 most expensive models are the objectives (only 1 vehicle), one old school VP mission and a 3 lootcounters mission. Should be some good practise with a lot of good players. Mission aren't the same as the GT but should still prove usefull practice I believe.

Then October 23-24th the main event! The Dutch GT.

So long way to go in a short time.

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