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Monday, August 23, 2010

GT practise games and Great Blogpost link!

Hey there bloggers,

Today I played 2 practise games against a friends Deathwing Army to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Dutch GT. Since there would be 3 annihilation missions we decided to play that first game, for the second we would try the sun's red rays. This is a modified Dawn of war with capture and Controll mission. For both games I used the Yriel list my opponent used the following list (if I remember correctly):


with 5 man terminator squad with apothecary/chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lighting claw, Assault cannon, Stormbolter powerfist terminator.

another 5 man squad Chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lightning Claw, assault cannon, Stormbolter powerfist

another 5 man squad Chainfist, Powerweapon Sergeant, Lightning Claw, Cyclone Missle launcher, Stormbolter Powerfist

another 5 man squad Chainfist Heavy Flamer, Lightningclaw Sergeant, 2 Lighting Claws, thunder hammer StormShield

Landraider Crusader (holds the last mentioned unit)

2 vindicators

1 MM HF Landspeeder

The terrain was pretty wel covered 2 multistorie buildings. 1 beeing a Gorka Morka Fortress some trees and some random bits and pieces.

Game 1 saw me loose my 2 smaller FD squads (1 forced to fall back, other shot and assaulted) and 1 Wave Serpent to his 2 Vindicators and 2 units of terminators and landspeeder giving me an overal 5-3 Victory with roughly 480 VP differance in my advantage.

This game saaw me strugle to put Yriel and the FireBoys to good use since he was pretty much castled up next to the gorka morka fortress all game. In the end I think the apothecary saved about 5 or 6 Terminators from dying to the Nightspinners Dangerous terrain tests. However I did manage to immobilize his landraider with the spinners dangerours terrain check. I had put myNightspinner is the opposite corner and they where pretty much ignored once I had downed the landspeeder coming for them turn 1. After that we played the game I do a wound and He fails the sae but the apothecary ignores it. In the End I just managed to get out on top with Kill points but I have to say his army was a hard one for me to beat since he only had 9 KP to start with and all where rock hard. I on the other hand had a grand total of 15 KP's with some beeing bare boned 5 man Dire Avenger units.
This game showed me that fighting Terminators with melta guns is nice bit I really need to stop rolling about 3 or 4 hits on 8! bs 4 Melta guns!

Game 2 was a entirely different puppy.

I got first turn and deployed 1 serpent with DA to push back his deployment. He then deplys nothing and I Boost away on my first turn. He then deploys his entire army save for 1 terminator unit which is in reserve. He then Deepstrikes 2 units of Terminators very close to my objective which is locate behind some woods. his objective is guarded by annother Termi unit flanked by the Vindicators and Landraider. save for the objective termies his entire army guns it for my objective. My reserves come on everything butt 1 small FD squad. I loose the game right there. I play my Yriel unit to aggresiefly in an attempt to keep my objective clear. This fails with me rolling 4 1's to hit with the melta's and only killing 2 terminators. He then proseeds to uses his search lights to spot the unit and it is whiped out till only Yriel is left who is shot down the turn after that.

The rest of the game sees me trying to move to his objective only to be stopped in the last turn with me getting my faced punched in by the terminator units while I try to contest his objective and mine. In the end he takes me down to 2 Dire Avenger units and a Nightspinner everything else either wrecked or dead.

This game showed me that even though my fire power can be good when you don't have search lights and bad luck on the dice you can still have your butt kicked :)

Overall I'm pretty happy with the list I just need more practise and facing full terminator armies will still be a hard game for me too win but I guess that's the age of the coldex showing. While on that topic my German Eldar friend Karnstein just posted a great article on his blog which is deffinatly worth taking a look at

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