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Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT prep game

Hey Bloggers,

I've just set a date with on of my warhammer buddies to play a GT prep game and see how are lists might perform. So this Sunday I'll be heading up there to face his Dark Angels Deathwing, some of you might all ready know his army he was the guy I played with in the last doubles tournament report.

his Blue Deathwing army

on a side note that doubles tournament is coming up soon as well this time I'm going to head over there with a blood angels player and we will be running These lists together


5 DA's, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,shurikancanon,ss)
5 DA's, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,shurikancanon,ss)
8 FD's, Exarch,DBF,Crackshot, waveserpent (tl shurikancanon,ss)

Blood Angels

2 priests Jumppack powerweapon
2 x 10 assault marines , Powerfist, 2 melta
8 Deatchcompany Powerfist, Droppod

The main plan is to drop the Deathcompany in the way as a distraction. There reroll to hit and wound thanks to the Reclusiarch will make them a real threat. Then use the spinner to tie up on flank and use all else agaisnt the other. With a lot of fast melta weapons and S shooting we should have some nice synergy going on. only thing I'm wondering if I should change is to take out Yriel for a farseer with RoW as I've seen plans for guys taking 2 Eldrads and the likes.

Your oppinion?

i've also got a hold off the email adress of the person responsible for the Dutch GT and have asked if the Nightspinners will be allowed at the event there. So hoping to get a word on that soon as well.

So a lot going on all in good fun

untill the next one


  1. This is a great setup here - You've got your scoring units in there mounted up, to contest and claim later on, all the while your teammate smashes into the enemy in cc, backed up on the way by two nightspinners - it's a very unique list, I love it!

    Yriel is always a favourite of mine, and with his +1 Reserves, you can really control the game. Very tight list!

    The Waveserpents are excellent at taking down Rhinos if you can nip behind the back armour - while your opponents are busy stuck in cc with your BA partner, you kick things into gear and start taking them out.

    I hope you do well with this combo, but I think you don't need luck, it's a very effective and fun looking setup!


  2. Well thank you Iggy :)! Thanks for the complements mate we belive it could perform very well if we generals keep our act together :)

    Be sure te read the battle reports afterwards :)